Bump Shot – 36 Weeks

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Hello one more month of pregnancy! I’m so happy it’s dress weather, because now the thought of putting on pants REALLY sounds unappealing. In this shot, I am wearing this cute and SO comfortable Joiful Maternity cocktail dress. I love having bright pieces to wear when the weather is warm. I can easily dress this up or down by swapping the shoes for wedges or heels and adding statement jewelry. Here I was about to run out to do errands, so I stuck with my flat gladiator sandals and a belt.

I am relieved that I’ve made it to the 36 week mark and that if baby decides to come earlier than expected, we will be mostly in the clear health-wise. I am feeling a little sad, because this is most likely the last time we will be doing this. I’m trying to soak up the last few weeks of my pregnancy, feeling those (sometimes ninja-like!) baby kicks and rolls, not having to worry about sucking in my stomach in my bathing suit and allowing myself to indulge in my popsicle habit. Even though I’m ready to meet my baby, I will miss pregnancy, so I’m trying not to wish the days away.

I’m still on track for my planned VBAC, and I think that between my husband and I and all of our constant reading and research we have done, that we’re as prepared as we possibly can be for the big day. I did a post not long ago about becoming your own birth advocate, and that has been essential in helping me build my confidence for facing labor and delivery. I’m looking forward to labor and delivery more than dreading it, and I think being in that state of mind will be amazingly helpful.

Disclaimer: The dress was sent to me to review. No other compensation was received. The opinion above is my own. PLEASE stay tuned for review coming soon!

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