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Introducing Savvy Sassy book picks

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Peek inside our bag, and you usually find a book nestled between baby wipes, snacks, and our favorite lip balm. We love reading, and hearing book recommendations from our friends always helps us pick our next book. We want to pass those recommendations along to you — no matter what stage of reading you’re in.

Savvy Sassy Book Picks

You might need a book for yourself, one for your independent reader, or a picture book for the family to read together. No matter what, we can help you find something you’ll love. Each month, come discover book picks we’ve read and loved — or things we just can’t wait to read.

parenting book recommendations

Book recommendation for moms

We expected our book picks to focus on fiction, but we had to mention No More Mean Girls by Katie Hurley, LCSW. Raising strong girls remains a goal for us, whether we’re talking about preschoolers or college-ready kids. In No More Mean Girls: The secret to raising strong, confident, and compassionate girls, Hurley offers tips and tools to help parents teach their daughters to focus on their own positive traits instead of the “like” culture surrounding them. Social hierarchies exist in elementary school, just like they do in high school. Opening a conversation about building confidence while remaining compassionate lets girls know kindness and strength go best when they work hand-in-hand.

Book recommendations for kids

Book pick for independent readers

A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle arrived on the literary scene in 1962. So this probably isn’t the first recommendation you’ve seen for this one! We’re suggesting your kids read it this month. The Disney adaptation arrives March 9, and it promises to be a spectacular viewing experience. Reading the book before the movie arrives gives you and your independent readers a lot to talk about after seeing the film. We love the way the book focuses on staying true to yourself and thinking independently, even when that seems like the hardest thing in the world to do.picture book recommendations

A picture book the whole family will appreciate

Don’t miss Elmore by Holly Hobbie. Many kids know it’s not always easy to make friends — even when you really want to. Imagine how hard it is when you’re covered in quills! Elmore nudges kids to think about the different ways we can befriend new people. Both adults and children will love the little porcupine by the time they’re done reading this heart-warming story.

Don’t miss the trailer for A Wrinkle in Time


What are you — and your kids — reading this month?

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