The gift every mom will want this season

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Every year, as we think about what to put on our holiday gift list, we come up with things that we need and things we want. Sometimes we ask for things we’ll use for a season. Other times, we find items that will last for years to come. As life would have it, our needs change as the days go on.

We’ve narrowed down the best gifts for mom

This year, we discovered the gift that every mom will want. Instead of the gift of a cozy sweater or a new pair of boots, I really want the gift of ease. I need something that makes my daily life a little easier and allows me to remain organized all while looking stylish. Too much to ask? At first, I thought it was. How can someone gift me all of those things without hiring me a personal assistant?

While I love the idea of having someone tend to my every need, offer me a reminder 3o minutes before every scheduled part of my day, and give my kids something to do when I need a few minutes to shoot off an email for work, that is just not reality! After doing a bit of research on how to make my dreams come true, I added the HUAWEI MediaPad M3 Lite to my list of wants/needs.

A machine that multi-tasks as well as I do

I don’t live in a world that gives me enough time to do only one thing at a time. Does anyone? While I do my best to leave the texting to times when I’m not driving, I am constantly doing 10 things at once. I’m on a business call and picking the kids up from school while texting the speech and language therapist to tell her we are running 5 minutes late and making a playdate with a mom at pick-up for the following day.

When I saw the HUAWEI MediaPad M3 Lite has a multitask view, I thought, this tablet was made for me. If there is one window I need open while doing everything else, it’s a notes page because if I don’t write down what I am thinking, when I am thinking it, that thought will be gone in an instant. I will wrack my brain trying to get it back. Mom-brain is not a joke! Step one to remaining organized and on top of things is having the multitask view so that it can mimic my brain.

Late night working that suits the eyes

While there are times I wish it would, the brain never turns off. As a mom and business owner, there are always a thousand things swirling around in my mind at night. Did I put the indoor shoes inside my child’s bag? Did I pack him enough snacks for school? Am I on pizza lunch duty at school tomorrow? Did I lock the car? Did I email that person back? What time is that call tomorrow? Oh, the call tomorrow…I have a great idea! And just like that, going to sleep is no longer what’s about to happen.

I can easily pull out the MediaPad M3 Lite and do a few things to answer some of the swirling questions without waking my husband or whatever child happens to be in bed next to me at that particular hour. The screen has an eyecare-optimized display that is perfect for the darkness in my bedroom. Although my brain is wide awake, after being in the dark for a few hours, my eyes are ready for bed.

A tablet for the whole family

I spend a lot of time with my kids. I am so grateful for that, but the reality of working from home and having the kids around while I work means I need creative ways to get a few minutes of quiet when I’m on a call or need a minute to think. With just the touch of a button, the MediaPad, which is perfect for me, quickly becomes perfect for kids. The Kid’s Nook comes preset with a few apps that entertain them and give me a few minutes to my thoughts. I can set the parental controls to ensure they are only doing what I want them to be doing on there.

Style and function

The MediaPad M3 Lite is versatile in its function and meets all the demands of a busy mom on the go, including the demands of your children! Sizing in at less than 5 inches wide and 8.4 inches tall, it fits in almost any purse. The sleek design comes in 3 colors, white, space grey and gold, allowing you to select the color that best suits your style this holiday season.

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Disclosure: Huawei Technologies sponsored this post. All opinions are my own.

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