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Take care of your baby with Beautiful Earth

Baby care products can’t be taken too lightly. Your little one has soft, sensitive skin, and moms want to feel comfortable with the products they use in baby’s bath and to moisturize and protect. Beautiful Earth baby products are certified natural and are a safe, gentle choice for all of your baby’s skin care needs. We’re thrilled to offer you the chance to win a $100 voucher to purchase Beautiful Earth products.


Beautiful Earth
Gentle, natural baby products help make bedtime stress-free

Beautiful Earth makes gentle, soothing bath products for babies — though truthfully, the whole family can use any of the products. Bath and bedtime routines can extend beyond gentle cleansing, and baby massage is a sweet, relaxing way for parents to bond with their infants. The Bath and Massage Oil from Beautiful Earth contains lavender, chamomile and mandarin essential oils, in a concentration that’s safe for sensitive, baby skin and delivered in an almond oil carrier. Make baby massage a part of your bath and bedtime routine, and enjoy a few extra moments of relaxation for baby — and mama!

Beautiful Earth

Protect baby’s skin with soothing cream

Barrier Cream is the best way to protect even the most sensitive skin. It protects and nourishes without leaving skin greasy or covered with a thick, uncomfortable layer of cream. The blend of essential oils is developed especially for young skin, and it’s perfect to protect your baby’s bottom before putting on a diaper.

Beautiful Earth

Help relieve cold symptoms

Parents hate seeing their little ones sick, and fall and winter often bring stuffy noses and coughs into even the healthiest homes. Babies over six months may find symptom relief in the Baby Breathe Easy Chest Rub. The essential oils of eucalyptus, sandalwood and lavender soothe baby without a harsh, chemical scent. Older siblings — and even mom and dad — can use the Chest Rub to ease cold symptoms with a pleasant fragrance.

Beautiful Earth
Why moms should choose Beautiful Earth products
  • Beautiful Earth offers a personal grooming alternative where the fragrances are derived from essential oils — not synthetics or phthalates.
  • Beautiful Earth doesn’t use harmful or undesired ingredients — no parabens, sulphates, colouring, mineral oils or glycols
  • Beautiful Earth products are vegan and certified by the National Products Association.
  • Beautiful Earth is a trusted partner with Healthy Child Healthy World.
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  1. I have done eucalyptus oil drops in the humidifier to help with stuffy nose. I am open to try other scents for atomatherapy. My baby pretty chill to begin with 🙂

  2. I have not tried any aromatherapy with either of my sons. I’ve just never thought of doing it.

  3. I have never tried aromatherapy products with my kids, but have heard a lot about it!

  4. Love these products, would love to win some for my baby. Thanks!

  5. I have not tried aromatherapy products for the baby, but I think they would be wonderful especially during bedtime. I love aromatherapy for my home.

  6. The only aromatherapy we’ve really used has been lavender essential oil.

  7. No we haven’t tried but we’ve been meaning to get him some products.

  8. I haven’t but I would love to try the Breath easy chest rub. I used Vicks vapor rub on my daughter and she broke out in a terrible rash.

  9. My baby is due in December, so no, I haven’t tried it yet.

  10. I haven’t tried it on my kids, but I love it for myself…

  11. Yes! We use lavender at night with some peace and calming and sometimes some stress relief.

  12. No we have not tried but would be so amazing for our new little one he has very sensitive skin so this would be GREAT!!!

  13. No, we haven’t tried aromatherapy products but have heard a lot about them.

  14. I do own lots of oils and aromatherapy items but I’ve never used them on my child directly since she’s still growing inside my tummy! At least they help keep me calm & stable during this difficult season. She’s due in February & I’m so excited to try safe products on her too!

  15. No, never tried it. That’s why I really want to win and try it on my baby!:))

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