Back to basics with Froozer: Health food that is actually healthy

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We’ve all heard it a million times — real fruit, whole foods, all natural — but if that’s the case, what are ingredients like maltodextrin and corn syrup doing in the ingredient list? And why is there an ingredient called “natural flavor” in many so-called natural products?

The difficulty lies in the ever-clever branding. This makes it so challenging to identify products that actually are what they say they are when we’re strolling the aisles of the grocery store with our kids. Not only is it tricky for our children to decipher what’s actually healthy, but it’s challenge for parents, too! And while branding can be designed to be legally accurate, by any reasonable standards of interpretation, companies are crafting misleading messages.

Froozer Frozen Snacks for Kids are 100 Percent Natural

Finding truly healthy food choices for kids

It can really be a stuggle to get kids to eat the kinds of healthy foods they enjoy, but that we know will also nurture their bodies and minds. And with so many health foods that are less than such, it is so easy to be duped.

Enter Froozer.

Finally, a food brand that is exactly what they claim to be — freshly harvested fruits and vegetables, picked at their peak of ripeness, flash frozen whole, and blended to create a frozen yogurt-like snack. It couldn’t be any more simple or delicious or good for our kids!

All about Froozer

Richard Naha, CEO and founder of Froozer explains that for many products on the market today, the first step in the puree process for fruits and veggies is blanching them in hot water or steam, which degrades and exposes the fruit to oxygen, causing water-soluble nutrients like fiber, Vitamins C and B to break down.

However, Froozer is just two steps from nature — once it’s picked, the fruit is frozen and shipped. Froozer skips the complex journey fruit traditionally takes in order to maintain the integrity of the produce. Froozer does not add sugar or water and is not made from juices or concentrates. The only thing added is 0.8% guar, which is a naturally sourced fiber. In addition, Froozer is non-GMO, 100% natural, dairy-free, gluten-free and kosher.

Froozer Fruits for Kids

But, how does it taste?

Besides what it’s made of, the next best thing about Froozer snacks is the sorbet-esque texture and taste! Most of us think of those common grab-to-go snacks as being unhealthy and, truth be told, most of them are. Not with Froozer.. Naha shares in one instance in Colorado the kids loved Froozer so much that a 10-year-old student threatened to go on a learning strike until the school served Froozer in the cafeteria!

“Not only are we proud to provide an authentic all-natural product that tastes good, but we’re driven on a mission of transparency. We are a food children enjoy and parents can trust again,” says Naha.  

If Froozer has passed our kids’ taste test and is fit for the patrons of such high-end establishments as Children’s Hospitals and Whole Foods, they’re definitely on to something. Froozer is one company doing their part to bring truth and taste back to snacks and we’re completely on board!

Find more from Froozer on their website, as well as on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Froozer is available to purchase online.


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  1. I wanted to send a quick note – Froozer is donating cash from each sale to causes/non-profits through the Dig In Rewards Network. Receipts can be redeemed for a 3% donation and 3% cash back from Froozer. Sign up at and send them your receipt.

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