Staying warm in cold weather with Aritzia parkas

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As we edge closer and closer to cold temperatures, a fight arises in my house. Often, before school, I will notice my daughters scamper past me, without saying goodbye other than yelling across the hall. After school, I realize this is because both of my girls have forgone a jacket.

Aritzia - Winter 2016

Now, while I don’t think there is anything more chic than staying warm in the winter, my daughters could not be more embarrassed to wear a jacket to school. Throughout my day, I am constantly worrying whether my girls are wearing their jackets outdoors, and if they are, if those jackets are even zipped up. As the resident veteran mom at Savvy Sassy Moms, I now know that my girls are never without their jackets if they are able to shop for, select, and love their jackets.

As avid Aritzia shoppers, it was no surprise that my girls have chosen Aritzia winter coats, time and time again. My oldest, now 19, still wears the parka she bought from Aritzia in 2010. Not only are these coats timeless and warm, they are most definitely cool by my girls’ standards, as well as my own. They love shopping at Aritzia and I do too (but don’t tell my girls that).

Untitled design-3

This year, my 17-year-old daughter and her friends took their jackets out on the road. I am grateful to note that the girls are warm, comfortable and fashionable. These coats will stand the test of time and continue to be worn throughout the fall and winter months.

The sales team always asks my girls about what they are looking for and selects merchandise that is geared towards their specifications. Aritzia’s team is stylish and extremely dedicated to the individuality and style of the client and well versed in their products.Aritzia Style- Winter 2016 Photoshoot

Here, Mia and her friends are ready for any outdoor adventure they choose to take on, bundled in their Aritzia coats. These jackets will allow them to explore all throughout the day, until the sun comes down. Aritzia has always been a staple in our home, and while kids continue to grow and mature, Aritzia has grown with them, outfitting them in essential basic pieces from middle school to adulthood with pieces that moms can wear, too.

Aritzia parkas, available online and in stores

From left to right:

Golden by TNA Oslo Parka in Ice White, $395
Community Autonomy Parka in Dark Olive + Total Eclipse $325


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Where will your children be wearing their parkas?

Photos by She Inspires Me Photography.

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