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I am in the beginning stages of developing  SavvySassyMoms –  From the beginning I had always envisioned a super hero like fiqure to be the brand of my new adventure.  I knew exactly what I wanted, and all I needed now was for someone to tap into my head and present it to me on a silver platter.  This of couse is not an easy task – getting inside a womans head and perfecting her vision!

So I put my Logo design for SavvySassyMoms into a design contest at 99designs.com.  I knew that the chances were much greater for me to get the perfect logo and brand image if I let more than one person have a shot at it!  I mean who doesn’t want more than one person competing for their attention!

It was so easy and not to mention the designs came in almost instantly!    I created my “Brief”  to explain what SavvySassyMoms was, Who my customers were , and any other details or specifics of what I wanted!  I had also gave them two sources of inspiration (a pink glittery star and a Superhero girl).  Within 24 hours I had already received 4 designs. I was able to rate the designs and give feedback to each designer so they knew what I thought was Sassy and not so Sassy!   The contest lasted for exacty 1 week and then I chose the winner and they won my Cash Prize!

After many revisions and one talented designer PalmateerDesigns  What you see at the top of this Blog is the winning design!  I am thrilled with my new Logo and was very impressed with all the designers that submitted their designs.   I would highly recommend 99 designs,  it was Simple, Fast and Professional!

“Need something designed? 99designs connects clients needing design work such as logo designs, business cards or web sites to a thriving community of 43,358 talented designers.”

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  1. Thanks….Very interesting blog…PLEASE…….
    Keep on /keepin’on …………………………………..
    Thanx …..Again..Merrilee

  2. One I like your logo. Halloween, I’m Wonder Woman EVERY year. Two, I love your site!

  3. I love the look! I have to agree that with everything that we do, we are all superheros!

    I love your blog!

  4. Here from SITS. Love your design! Its really cool. I will have to check out your blog more!

  5. Thanks for the great tips! Have only read two of your posts and already I can tell your blog is full of little gems of info that I can really use.
    I’m subscribing to your RSS now.
    Keep up the good work.

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