5 Ways To Make Your Home Healthier

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We’ve all been at home a lot more than usual lately, for obvious reasons, and although that’s a good thing in terms of our health at large and the pandemic sweeping across the world, it might not be so healthy for us when you look at it in its entirety. If your home isn’t a healthy one, then it could be making you unwell without you realizing it. 

Those feelings of tiredness, stress, the headaches you’ve been experiencing, the lethargy, even how much you eat (too little or too much) can all be linked to your home and how healthy it is there. To make it – and your family – as healthy as possible, there are some simple things you can do to help. Read on to find out more. 



Embrace Indoor Plants 

If your home is currently plant-free, perhaps because you haven’t considered having houseplants or because you have, but you’re worried you won’t be able to take care of them, it might be time to think again. Being surrounded by greenery and nature is great for your mental health, and can reduce stress and tension, and even alleviate anxiety which is perfect at any time, but perhaps especially right now. 

 Many plants are easy to take care of and that will look wonderful in your home. Not only will these plants help you feel better, but they will make your house feel more welcoming and comfortable too. Plus they purify the air, and that’s never a bad thing. You can get same day plant delivery easily online, so take advantage of this and start making your home a greener, healthier one as soon as possible. 

 The Kitchen Should Be for Cooking

Having a beautiful kitchen is something many people yearn for, but it could be something that makes your home more unhealthy. It sounds strange, but if your kitchen is where most of the day to day living happens in your home, if it’s the hub of everything, a place to hang out and be together, then studies have shown that you could be eating as much as 15 percent more than you would normally. This is because the longer you spend in the kitchen, the more tempted you will be to eat the food there. 

They say that out of sight is out of mind, and this is something that can work in this situation. The less time you spend in the kitchen, the less you’ll be tempted to snack on the food items kept there. Keep the kitchen just for cooking and use it less, and you’ll eat less. Try to use other areas of the property as the hub of the home; cozy up the living room or make the dining room a more comfortable space to be in (these rooms can often be rather formal and underused because of it).  

If you can’t stay out of the kitchen because you have an open plan house, or because it’s the largest space, there are some extra tips you can utilize including: 

  • Only have healthy food on display (nuts, fruit, grain, etc) and store them in glass jars so they can be seen. Hide other food away behind cupboard doors (the same is true for wine – don’t have a wine rack, but keep the bottles out of sight). Make sure these foods are accessible to everyone in the family. 
  • Have fewer places to sit in the kitchen so people are less tempted to stay in there for too long. 
  • Don’t have large platters of food for people to help themselves from – serve each plate individually. You’ll be less tempted to have seconds if the food isn’t there in front of you. 
Don’t Use Blackout Curtains

It can be tempting to use blackout curtains in your bedrooms to stop the sun from waking you up too early. However, the daylight is crucial to ensure our circadian rhythm (the body’s internal clock) works as it should. Being able to experience natural light means that the body knows when it is time for sleep and when it’s time to wake up, and using blackout curtains will confuse this process. Although you might not be woken up early by the sun, you might also find that getting to sleep is difficult because, despite the time, you just don’t feel tired. 

Although it might not feel like it, it’s far better to try to go with the body’s natural rhythms, and even if that means waking up early, you’ll actually feel better for it after a short while. Plus it means you’ll be able to sleep more deeply and for longer overall, and since sleep is when the body heals itself, you’ll feel a lot healthier when you wake up if you leave the process as natural as possible. 

Turn Down The Heating

Not only is having the heating in your home on too high bad for your bank account and the environment, but it’s also not great for your health either. Being too warm again means that sleep can be difficult to come by – if you’re too hot at night, you’ll have a night of restless sleep and even if you think you’ve slept for seven or eight hours, you’ll feel tired when you wake up. 

If you can keep your home cooler it’s much better for you, even more so when you realize that, to keep itself warm, the body has to burn more calories. Lower the heating and your body will do just that, helping you to lose weight (although a healthy diet and exercise are also important). 

Remove Your Carpets

If the first thing you think of when it comes to flooring is carpets you won’t be alone. However, carpets could be making your home unhealthy. Even if you think you have cleaned them thoroughly using a vacuum cleaner, the truth is that tiny bugs and mites, as well as dust, will remain. It might look spotless, but there are always going to be countless creatures crawling around in the fibers. These creatures can cause health problems including allergies, breathing issues, and some can even bite. 

 To make your home healthier, remove the carpets, and replace them with tiles or wooden floors. These are much easier to keep clean, and bugs can’t live in them. If you want to create a cozier look and feel you can add rugs, and since these can be dry cleaned much more thoroughly than a carpet can, they won’t be so unhealthy.

How do you make your home healthy?

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