5 Style Tips That Stand the Test of Time

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High Heel in a Haystack’s 5 Tips That Stand The Test of Time:

1. The secret to great style? CONFIDENCE.


2. Shop for a Tuesday afternoon, not a Saturday night because very few people lead Saturday night lives.


3. If you find a great fitting pair of jeans or pants, buy 2. It’s good to have one pair hemmed for flats and another pair hemmed for heels.


4. Style has nothing to do with size. It’s about making the most of your shape and playing up your best feature. If you love your legs, wear more skirts. If you have great arms, go for more sleeveless tops and dresses!


5. A wardrobe stuffed and overflowing with clothes and accessories clutters your mind. An organized closet not only allows you to see what you own but it creates a positive mindset. It’s a win-win!



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