great Father's Day gifts

5 Great gifts for dads

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Great Father’s Day gifts for dads

Father’s Day doesn’t garner the same sort of attention as Mother’s Day, but the fabulous dads in our lives deserve special treatment, too. Gifts for dads don’t have to be expensive — though we’re not saying you shouldn’t splurge if there’s something out there you know he’ll love. We’ve unburied five Father’s Day finds to make your favorite dad feel special.

Personalize his gift by including one of these adorable — and simple — Father’s Day crafts.

great Father's Day gifts

Dad will flip for this perfect Father’s Day gift

Whether he’s an expert on the grill or in the kitchen, this Hand Stamped Spatula will remind him of how much the family loves his meal time contributions (Etsy, $24). The stainless steel spatula can be personalized with up to two lines of text. We adore the play on words suggested with “We flippin’ love you,” but you can add names or another special message for Dad.

great Father's Day gifts

Common sense advice for dads — from a dad

In Raising Children That Other People Like to Be Around, Richard E. Greenberg takes the common sense hanging out in a dad’s brain and heart and creates practical tips for raising kids (Amazon, $15). Greenberg, the father of four children, knows dads — and moms, if we’re being honest — often question their parenting instincts. Are we doing the “right” things for our kids? Greenberg’s tips for helping children develop into people other people actually like draws upon the common sense and instinct he knows dads already have. With Greenberg’s guidance, dads will be able to put that common sense to use and realize they’ve always had the tools to parent their (amazing) kids.

great Father's Day gifts

House projects are more fun with the right tools

There’s always a house project waiting for dad’s expertise, and this sweet Personalized Hammer will make those projects seem a little less like work (Etsy, $18). The hammer can be used for years to come when dad and the kids need to work on something together — or he can preserve it as a keepsake. Personalized tools are a great addition to every tool collection, and there’s something extra special about being reminded of his fab dad status each time he opens the toolbox.

Father's Day gifts

A DIY project dad will love

DIY projects sound Pinterest-y and complicated, but the Texas Chipolte Amber Beer Brewing Kit is the sort of project dads will love to try (Uncommon Goods, $45). The kit comes with the ingredients for a full gallon of Amber brew, or ten 12-ounce bottles. We think the Texas Chipolte Amber will pair beautifully with grilled summer burgers and s’mores. Refills are available, as are other types of beer if he falls in love with brewing after his first attempt.

Father's Day gifts

Let him take the kids golfing — without taking the kids golfing

Even the most devoted dads need some time to themselves, and the golf course is the perfect setting for dads to hang out with each other. He’ll never question which ball is his with these Photo Perfect Personalized Golf Ball Set from Callaway (Personalization Mall, $43). They’re a fun way to give him a break while keeping his mind on the adorable faces waiting to welcome him home.


Have you thought about how to spoil the dad in your life this year?

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