30 things you may not know about me

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Happy New Year!  We should get to know each other better.  Instead of listing all the things I want to change and improve upon, I thought I would do something a bit different and share with you some weird, interesting, shocking  facts about me.   I wonder if anything will shock you or if we have a few things in common?

1.  I was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota – yeah you betcha!

2.  I am the youngest of 3 and the only girl

3.  My mom had two nicknames for me “Baby Girl” & Marshmallow Butt”, one still haunts me to this day.

4.  I’ve been Dog Sledding, Ice Fishing and Winter Camping – brrr!

5.  I’ve always secretly wanted to join the Military, just to say I survived Boot Camp

6.  I got engaged in Venice, Italy

7.  I’ve been Skydiving

8.  I have a slight sugar addiction

9.   I’ve helped Pam Anderson shop for her kids (not as a friend, as a retail associate)

10. I wear a size 9 shoe

11.  I’ve been to the Playboy Mansion and swam in the grotto

12.  I was in a sorority

13.  I’ve drank beer at the real Oktoberfest in Germany

14.  I graduated from the Fashion institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles

15.  I’ve never watched a Basketball game, nor do I want to

16.  I cannot sing or play any instrument

17.  I’ve been to Tahiti

18.  My husband and I auditioned for The Amazing Race, they still haven’t called:(

19.  I’m a pretty decent Snowboarder

20. I love Indiana Jones

21.  I failed my first behind the wheel driving test

22.  I lived in Scottsdale, AZ for 1 very hot year

23.  I’ve bungee jumped

24.  I prefer wearing heels

25.  My eye sight is horrible, I have stigmatism and cataracts

26.  I have 3 Tattoo’s and wished I only had one

27.  Sometimes I go to Target just to clear my head

28.  I’ve won a watermelon seed spitting contest at summer camp

29.  I pretty sure I could make it to the final 3 on Survivor

30.  My first job was at Burger King

Tell me which one shocked you the most?
Do we have anything in Commmon?

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  1. Ahhh!!! Love it all!! We share #17 🙂 we went to Tahiti for our Honeymoon (and Bora Bora since it was so close!!)
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. MUST know more about..
    What store and what she bought (Pam)
    More details on the Playboy mansion swimming

  3. Dude! I totally swam in the Grotto WITH Pam Anderson!


    I do go to Target to clear my head. I’m the youngest and only girl (of 4) and got engaged in the Mediterranean as well (on Santorini).

    xo & Happy New Year. Great List!

  4. I’m your mom and I didnt know two things about you. One you also have cataracts and you loved Indiana Jones,why??? he he

  5. Slight Sugar addiction. ha ha ha my mom and I put sugar on a LOT Of our food. So bad. Very nice list! I really enjoyed reading it and also gave me an idea to do for my blog. Very creative! oh to the tattoos. Yes. same boat.

  6. Let’s see I’m 1 of 3 and the only girl (in the middle though). I have a major sugar addiction. I go to Target just because, which is worse then to clear my head. I’ve always wanted to go on the Amazing Race, it would be so awesome if you were on. I have astigmatism and I had surgery like what they do for cataracts (the only implants I have in my body). I lived in Tucson, AZ for four years. I cannot sing or play an instrument. I love Indiana Jones (Temple of Doom is my fave). We’re like long lost sisters. LOL!

  7. I loved the whole list! Do many things I didnt know! I think what I loved most is how varied everything is….you most certainly enjoy life 🙂 happy new year my friend!

  8. Please let us know what the 2 tattoos are that you wish you didn’t have! And where are they??? 🙂

  9. I love your list! I think there a couple of things we have in common, but when I got to #27 I laughed so hard that I forgot the others we have in common.

    I not only have been known to clear my mind in Target, but I also have been known to walk through Target just to allow myself a light stroll after a dinner out.

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