Zara Girls Fall 2013 Collection

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O.M.G. I’ve died and gone to little girl fashion heaven. The Zara Fall 2013 collection for girls is to.die.for. good. With a definite European sensibility, these chic and wearable pieces are sure to become staples in your little girl’s closet.

Polka-Dot Cardigan – The ultimate everyday cardigan – you’ll totally be wishing you could steal this form your daughter. I know I would.

Checked Dress – This oh-so-sweet dress has a Scandinavian sensibility about it that I just love.

Slip-On Shoes with Tassels – I’m loving the bright red with the cream tassels. Perfect for any little lady in the making!

Feather-Print Leggings – I’m a huge fan of leggings for girls. They’re comfortable, affordable, and with adorable prints like this feather version, totally versatile.

Owl Sweater – A soft sweater with just a touch of lace starring the oh-so-popular owl. Whoooo would love wearing this? Just about anyone!

Metallic Suede Ankle Boots – Stylish and practical with just a little hint of glitter – just what every girl needs (including the grown-ups!)

Combined Print Dress – This adorable dress not only looks super-easy to wear, but has just the right amount of French-chic… hello, why aren’t adult clothes this cute?!

Floral-Print Trousers – Floral-print jeans are super trendy right now, so why not get the kids in on this fun style? (In my personal opinion, it looks better on the kids anyways!)

Animals Sweatshirt – A little bit punk, a little whimsical, this animal sweatshirt with a neon mustache is just the right amount of fun.

Cable-Knit Coat with Hood – This is one of those awesome staples that your little fashionista can wear all Fall and Winter. I love the toggle closures and it looks so warm and cozy, who wouldn’t want to be bundled up in this?

Floral Print Quilted Jacket – A dainty little jacket, for a dainty little lady. This baby jacket is too cute for words.

What’s your favorite piece from this collection?

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