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I used to smoke. {Gasp!} And I’m not talking just a few puffs here and there when I was out at a bar with my girlfriends, and it wasn’t just a college phase either. I was buying packs of cigarettes long after college and usually hiding it from friends. I am not proud of this and I am not going to try to demonize anyone who smokes either. However, I think we can all agree that it is not good for you and it can kill you. I know, driving a car can kill you too, but no one chooses to get hit by a car.

What was my motivation to quit?

I became a mother. Oh, and I saw a picture of me in my beautiful wedding dress smoking a cigarette and it made me cringe.

Becoming a mother makes you see the world and yourself in entirely different light. It’s cliche but true, becoming a mother changes you. Suddenly your priorities shift. I had a responsibility not only to myself but to my family that I would be around for a very long time and I wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize that. I also want to be a role model for my children and setting a good example for my children is always my number one priority.

I pretty much quit cold turkey. I’m an all in type of person and when I set out to do something I do it.  It wasn’t easy, but my husband hated it, the cost was getting out of control and it just didn’t feel good, in fact it made me feel ashamed. I also found myself hanging around more and more people that didn’t smoke, so socially it just wasn’t around me as much anymore. This also made is a bit easier.

Choosing to make positive changes and live a better life comes in all different forms, we all have bad habits we’re trying to break, no one is perfect. It’s just a matter of three things; motivation, determination and having the right support. If you are a Mom that wants to quit smoking and want to make a positive change in your life, not only for you but for those little ones watching your every move, then I want to encourage you and support you.

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Citizen e-Cigs

Citizen founder, Monica Ord, spent the majority of her career as a biomedical executive working with positive new treatments for cancer. Through clinical trials, she learned that even the best treatments only saved 20 percent of the cancer patients. So she founded Citizen Electronic Cigarette in 2014 to create a safer alternative for smokers. Her mission is to help wipe out second-hand smoke, as well as the toxins and chemical damage associated with traditional tobacco.

Almost all fail, as the American Cancer Society acknowledges. Even the patch and gum yield only a 15 percent success rate. Why? Smoking is a complex social and sensory habit. Smoking cessation products betray smokers trying to quit because they don’t give them the full physical/oral fixation experience of smoking. But Citizen Electronic Cigarette does — and its usage among people trying to quit smoking could help reduce the estimated 443,000 deaths caused every year by tobacco use.

Citizen’s team has upwards of 25 years in the biomedical, cancer and disease industry, so they have a deep perspective on the importance of the task at hand.

Why Citizen e-Cig?

Citizen rechargeable e-Cigs and eCigar give smokers the exact same experience of the real thing, except without the odorous, toxic smoke. Instead, they simulate cigarettes and cigars by producing a vapor resembling smoke. The taste is what smokers expect, even winning four national taste-test competitions. And this can make all the difference in helping smokers who want to quit.

Tobacco smoke contains a deadly mix of more than 7,000 chemicals and chemical compounds. Citizen e-Cig products contain only four food-grade ingredients (each approved by the FDA). Those trying to kick the habit never again will have to question what they just inhaled.

Plus, Citizen e-Cig has a solution for nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Smokers can step down their nicotine intake from 24 to 18 to 0 milligrams.

The very real prospect of helping smokers quit was enough to prompt John Paul DeJoria, (Patrón Spirits Co. & Paul Mitchell) to invest in Ord’s venture and prompt Sir Richard Branson, to champion Ord’s venture as “ingenious and meaningful.”

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post and giveaway promotion. All my thoughts are my own. I share my story with you because it is honest and true and I only hope to help you live a happy and healthy life!

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