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What You Need for a Really Wild Camping Weekend

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There are different types of camping. For many families, camping means going to a nice cultivated campground and enjoying the comfortable facilities there. But camping can also be a much more outdoorsy experience, where you really get to live in the wild. Wild camping requires you to be a bit more knowledgeable about surviving outdoors. You don’t have convenient facilities just a few feet away from you, and you likely don’t have your car with you, either. Wild camping with the family might be a little trickier, but it can be a fun experience for everyone if you have the right stuff.

The Right Clothes and Accessories

Dressing properly is one of the most important things you can do if you’re planning on going wild camping. You need to be prepared for the weather you’re likely to experience and maybe prepared for any surprises too. Think about how to stay warm or keep the sun off you, as well as how to stay dry if it rains or snows. Don’t forget about your accessories too. Before you go, brush up on how to wear and use a 2 point sling so you can easily carry any hunting weapons you’re planning on taking. It’s better to be over-prepared than underprepared, although you should try not to pack too much.

Lightweight Camping Gear

If you don’t have your vehicle with you and you have to carry your things, there’s no space for camping beds or huge gas stoves. You have to think about the weight and size of what you’re carrying because you’ll most likely be carrying it on your back. When you’re choosing camping gear such as your tent, sleeping bag, and cooking equipment, think about how much you’re able to carry. You can easily find lightweight gear, from super light tents to compact camping stoves.

Navigation Tools

No one wants to get lost in the wilderness, and if you’re not staying at a campground, you might not have nice trails that you can follow. It’s essential to be able to tell where you are and where you’re going, which is why navigation tools are a must. A map of the area, a compass, and a GPS unit are some of the things you might want to have with you. Of course, it also helps if you’re able to read a map and orient yourself so that you know how to find your way.

Emergency Kit

You always need to be prepared for emergencies. Even experienced campers are smart enough to carry some emergency equipment that they can use if anything goes wrong. There are a few different things you might need, but starting with a first aid kit is a good idea. A way to contact people is also helpful. If you won’t have cell phone service, a satellite phone is one option to carry with you. You might also carry various tools that could be helpful, such as rope or an emergency flare.

Wild camping might be a little different to staying at a comfortable campground, but it can be exciting if you’re prepared.

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