The Most Trusted Baby Brands on the Market

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When it comes to brands for families to use for the children, there are so many to choose from that many parents heads begin to spin. They don’t know how to choose between all of the options on the market and begin to feel overwhelmed. Many parents go online for more information, ask their friends and family and rely on other peoples experiences to make a decision. The problem is that many times, peoples opinions vary and it’s hard to get a clear picture of what makes a brand the right brand to choose. As a parenting expert, people come to me time and time again asking for advice and what I always tell them is to go with a brand that is trusted by other parents.

BrandSpark International, a leading market research company did a survey of thousands of Canadian parents to find out what brands they trust most. After conducting their survey, they came up with a list of 41 winning brands to meet all of your baby needs. I shared some of these brands on the Morning Show last week. You can watch below!

Checking your child’s temperature

A sick child gives every parent anxiety. When it comes to checking their temperature, getting an accurate reading is an absolute must. There is no time for inaccuracy or the need to do a second check. As a parent of a child with febrile seizures, I needed to know my sons exact temperate the minute his fever began to spike and I need to know that it was 100% accurate.

Braun was voted the Most Trusted children’s thermometer. Braun has a variety of thermometers that meet the needs of all children wether your child prefers to have their temperature checked through their ear, under their arm pit or on their forehead. One of their great products is the Braun ThermoScan 7 in ear Thermometer with Age Precision Technology.

This thermometer, along with the others, now features a patented Age Precision Technology which is age-adjustable fever guidance for the entire family. Simply use the Age Precision button to select the appropriate age setting and then use the colour-coded display to help you understand your child’s temperature. Green means normal, yellow shows an elevated temperature and red clearly indicates that your child’s temperature is high. This patented technology takes the guesswork out of reading your child’s temperature. Parents trust Braun Thermometers because they are super accurate, very high quality and recommended by pediatricians.

Keeping your baby’s clothes white and bright!

I remember when I was pregnant with my first child. As I began to prepare for his arrival, I knew that I would need to pre-wash everything I packed in my hospital bag and all the items in his room so that I would be able to use it all immediately after he was born. Many parents don’t think about getting this done before baby arrives, but trust me when I say it is essential! After all, no new parent wants to come home from the hospital to start doing laundry—although it begins very shortly after! Using the Most Trusted Baby Laundry Detergent is an absolute must. Baby’s skin is very sensitive and Ivory Snow is the brand parents trust most for baby’s laundry.

Ivory Snow’s Stage 1: 64 load detergent for newborns is perfect because it’s hypoallergenic, specially formulated to be gentle on new born babies delicate skin but is still very tough on stains. As your baby grows, Ivory Snow grows with you to meet the changing needs of your child. When gifting to a new parent at a baby shower or after the baby arrives, I love to bring a bottle of Ivory Snow as I think that practical gifts are sometimes the best gifts!

Keeping Baby clean and smelling great

Bath time is the best time of the day! It is such a bonding experience for you and your baby and starting a bedtime routine early is something I like to recommend. Using a trusted brand to clean your baby is essential and many parents love using natural products on their baby. Live Clean Baby was voted the Most Trusted Natural Baby Care brand by parents. Live Clean Baby products are all 97% plant-based, made with certified organic botanicals and are hypoallergenic. Additionally, it is free of everything you don’t want on your baby like parabens, dyes, and silicon! We use the Gentle Moisture Tearless Shampoo & Wash and the Gentle Moisture Baby Lotion daily.

Diapers, Diapers and More Diapers

What is the number one thing that you will spend the most money on for your baby? You guessed it, diapers! BrandSpark voted Pampers as their Most Trusted Diaper because their great fit prevents leaks. As a new mom, I loved using Pampers Swaddlers designed for children aged newborn to toddlers. I packed them in my hospital bag to use right from birth! The wetness indicating technology was so helpful as it let me do a quick and easy check to see if my baby was wet. The yellow line on the front of the diaper turns blue when your baby wets the diapers. With all the things on your mind as a new parent, this makes life just a little bit easier!

East, sleep, change repeat!

When you aren’t changing your baby’s diaper, you will be feeding them! Ah, the life of a baby! There are so many baby bottles on the market, how do you know which one to choose? BrandSpark voted the Philips Avent as Most Trusted baby bottle. The amazing design has a contoured shape making it easy for baby to feed, it’s BPA free, and it includes air vent technology. Air vent technology is a huge bonus as it vents air back into the bottle keeping it out of your baby’s belly. This helps to prevent colic and discomfort which can cause stress for bother baby and parents.

All the nutrients!

Mothers will inherently be skeptical about the kinds of baby formulas they give their precious new bundle of joy. We all know that there’s no substitute for a mother’s milk, but the S26 Baby Formula comes very close. It has an incredible amount of nutrients, vitamins, and gives your baby all of what he or she needs to grow healthy and strong. It has a range of vitamins such as B12, B6, B1, A, E, D, and C. It’s vital that your baby gets this type of nourishment at such an early stage in his or her life. This is a product you can trust to do more than just fill your baby’s tummy and keep him or her quiet. It’s vital in the development of bones, muscle, brain growth, and most importantly, your baby’s immune system.

Save money while caring for your baby

Having kids is no small expense, this we know all too well! Saving money on baby items, and pretty much everything else, is a must so we shop through the BrandSpark Most Trusted Awards partner website, ShopperArmy. When you shop through ShopperArmy, you can get cash back on all of these amazing products if you buy them through Trust me, it really adds up when you are buying these items on repeat! ShopperArmy has also partnered with other great sites, like, so check it out to see all the places you can earn cash back. Shopping on a cash back website like is a no brainer. It makes way more sense to keep the money in your pocket! Head to to see a list of all 41 winning brands!


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