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Food adds a special touch to holiday gatherings

The holidays are all about family traditions — and if yours is anything like mine, food is always a part of them.  I’m super-excited about this amazing gift idea that lets you create custom cookbooks for your friends and family using your most special or favorite dishes. Tastebook cookbooks let you create a 25 page custom recipe book for $24.95. How cool is that?! The site itself is also a GREAT resource for recipes. Looking for something to make for dinner tonight or dessert for this weekend?  For sure you can find something there.


Why not order a Tastebook cookbook?

A Tastebook custom cookbook is a hard cover binder that looks like any cookbook you would see on the shelves at the book store. Several nice stock photographs are available for the cover but you choose the text, spine label, etc. to truly make it a personal gift. Along with the beautifully printed recipe pages, blank sheet protectors are included to allow the recipient to keep adding to the sure-to-be family heirloom.


Adding recipes

Adding your personal recipes is really simple. You can keep it easy by just adding the ingredients and steps or you can channel your inner Food Network personality and get technical with special instructions, notes, cooking time, yields, etc.  While you don’t have to have a picture with every recipe, the option is there. If you are not a food blogger, don’t fret! Just upload a picture of Granny to go along with a recipe passed down from her or use a picture of your cute kids. You can customize it any way you like!

tastebook-personalized-cookbookA Tastebook cookbook would be the perfect gift for grandmothers, teachers, girl friends…just about anyone. It took me a little over an hour to type out my 25 recipes and I am SO happy with the final result. Plan ahead if you want to order one before Christmas.  Full details of holiday deadlines can be found on the Tastebook site. The foodies in your life will love this!

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  1. We have been looking for something like this!! Can you still order these personalized cookbooks?!

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