Sweet & Salty Sassy Snacks!

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 Sweet & Salty!
I believe in having the BEST of Both Worlds!  (Savvy & Sassy)
and when I am having a snack attack the same rule applies.
5 Healthy Snacks to satisfy both sides of those cravings!

Granny Smith Apples & Natural Peanut Butter
This snack makes everyone happy. Celery Sticks are always a healthy option too and you get the same crunch, with a lot little less sugar.  Go ahead,  it’s ok to just dip right into the Peanut Butter jar!

Trader Joes Kettle Corn “Lite”
1 bag includes 6 individual bags of kettle corn that are the perfect serving size for adults and kids. I like to sneak these into the movie theatre and the kids liketo having their very own bag.  A  healthy option for children’s classroom parties too!
Odwalla Sweet & Salty Almond
Odwalla bars taste great and they always fill me up!  I always have one of these in my bag for when I am running errands and stopping to eat isn’t always an option.  I also use these for a small meal replacments before or after I work out.

Trail Mix
Trail Mix with dried cranberries or cherries are a perfect healthy mix of sweet and salty.   It is almost like having an adult peanut butter and jelly sandwich in your mouth.  You don’t need a huge serving either, just a handful with a glass of water should tie you over until your next meal.

100 Calorie Chocolate covered Pretzels
Nabisco 100 calorie packs are perfect size treat that really does satisfy a craving!  They have a variety of 100 calorie snacking options but my favorite  sweet & salty combo is the chocolate covered pretzels.  But don’t get so excited that you eat 3 bags – that would be 300 calories:)
Check out Nabisco’s Diet Like a Diva

What are some of your Sassy Snacking Suggestions?

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