Stout beer brownie with stout whipped cream recipe

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Stout-Beer-Brownies-with-Stout-Whipped-Cream-Title-ImageApparently there is some big football game coming up. I’m not a sports fan. But game day seems to be a great excuse for yummy food.  My husband has really been in to beer lately so I decided to try out some Stout Beer Brownies with Stout Whipped Cream. I felt like the men would be into it and non beer drinkers might even think it is kinda fun too. And who doesn’t like brownies!?

stout-brownie-ingredientsThese are super easy to make, especially if you use a boxed brownie mix. All you do is use beer instead of the water the box calls for. I found this Chocolate Stout at my local grocery store. It seems that beer is pretty popular everywhere right now, not just in my house. You can always use Guinness if you can’t find a Chocolate Stout, you should be able to find that pretty easily. Of course you can make the brownies from scratch if you have the extra time and ingredients.

add-stout-to-brownie-batterSo simple. And the great thing about these larger bottles is that there is plenty for you and the brownies…pour-brownie-batter-into-prepared-dishPour the brownie batter in to a prepared pan and bake as directed on the box. The brownies come out very soft and cake-like. I wouldn’t be afraid to cook them on the more well-done side to make sure they aren’t too moist.  stout-whipped-cream-ingredientsFor the Stout Whipped Cream you will need a little more of the beer, a little whipping cream and some powdered sugar. Don’t be afraid to make your own whipped cream. mix-beer-in-to-whipping-creamYou can make whipped cream with a whisk (and some killer arm muscles), a hand mixer or a stand mixer. All I did was mix the ingredients for about 3 minutes and it was perfect.  finished-brownieThe stout brownies are good. But really they have hardly any beer flavor at all. I think people do these kinds of recipes just to say there is beer in them. But the real star of the show is the whipped cream. Like, SO good. When you pair the two together you have this amazing little dessert that was super easy. Men will love it, women with love it and chocoholics will LOVE it. And now my head is trying to figure out what else should have beer whipped cream on it. The answer is most likely, everything.

Stout Beer Brownies with Stout Whipped Cream
Stout Beer Brownies Recipe

1 Boxed Brownie Mix plus the ingredients listed on the back (usually eggs and oil — my recipe called for 2 eggs and 1/4 cup of oil)

Substitute a stout beer for the amount of water called out on the back of the box (my brand called for 1/4 cup).

Follow baking directions found on boxed mix (be sure to spray your baking pan).

Stout Whipped Cream Recipe

1 cup heavy whipping cream

1/3 cup powdered sugar

2 tablespoons Stout

Add all ingredients to a mixer and beat on medium for about 3 minutes.  You are looking for “soft peaks” to form.

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