Comfortable and fun Friday Favorites

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Every week we come across things that we just love and feel the need to share with all of you! This week, we are sharing comfortable and fun items for the summer. At the top of my list are…shoes! Addi is so obsessed with shoes and when she choses which shoes she is going to wear in the morning, there is no stopping her!

Friday Favorites

This past week, I picked up these amazingly comfortable sneakers from Zara. Sometimes I struggle feeling comfortable in a more casual shoe. These combine casual and stylish perfectly, and the bow makes them so fun. I was dying for a comfortable nude shoe. These hit the spot and needed to come home with me.

Zara slides

As I continued to peruse the store, I found a similar shoe for my mini! The only thing she loves more than shoes are shoes that match mine! She pulls them out each day and says, “Look! We are the same!” Bonus: the kids shoes are on sale. Also, I’m dying for this cute little top for her, so keep an eye out for it in one of our future Friday Favorites!


Under the shoes

Ani Michele Nail polishWhile I am loving these shoes and have rarely taken them off since I bought them, it’s summer time! With summer comes pools and flip flops, so means my toes need to be in tip-top shape. Ani Michele nail polish made finding the perfect fun summer color an easy task. Ani was born and raised in California and created her own line of lacquer. We love to support fellow entrepreneurs and with such a great product, we stand by her!  This week, I went with Pinky Promise and smiled every time I looked at my toes!


Chaser Tiger Bathing Suit

Speaking of summer, I am in L-O-V-E with this Chaser bathing suit that brings out my inner tiger. It’s been a long time since I have purchased a new bathing suit, but this one makes me feel confident and comfortable. I can wear it for a day by the pool with the kids or at a pool party with my friends.


Playful and comfortable

PlaysuitIf you don’t find me at the pool with the kids, I’m probably prancing around town in my Cabi Playsuit. I cannot get enough of it. And yes, i have been wearing it with the sneakers as well. I love that the playsuit is a one-piece outfit that is unattached at the back, which is a dream!

I recently went on a day trip and sat in the car on a 2 and a half hour drive that ended with dinner at a nice Italian restaurant. During the drive I felt like I was in pajamas, and when I got out the car, there was not a crease to be seen on my outfit. I got the best of both worlds! This has become one of the staple outfits in my wardrobe! In a few weeks, we are heading to the Cabi fashion show to see the new fall line. We are so excited to share it with you soon — so stay tuned!!

Time to head out and enjoy the heat! Have a fabulous weekend! Be sure to head over to our Instagram to enter some of the INCREDIBLE contests we have happening right now!

What’s on your favorites list this week?

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