goals for 2018

Setting goals for 2018

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A New Year brings a lot of excitement — even if it takes a few days to rest up from all the fun we had over holiday break. Now that we’ve settled into January, the Savvy Sassy team feels ready to take on 2018! We have so many goals for 2018, both personally and professionally, and we wanted to share some of them with you. We like calling them goals instead of resolutions, so we can break down our end goals into smaller, measurable steps. 

Improving our skills

Rebecca from Mainely Mama wants to improve her photography — personally and professionally. Follow along as she embarks on a 365 Day Photo Project

goals for 2018

Setting fitness goals

Stephanie from Everything Arlington, TX plans to run 1200 miles this year. “I’ve been steadily running with a local group — and many of the women in the group have really inspired me! I’d like to run a half marathon in 2018, which would mark a decade since my last half!”

goal setting in 2018

Organizing dinnertime

Ali Maldoff, a freelance writer based in LA, is getting on the meal prep train for two major reasons. She wants to ease the daily “What are we doing for dinner?” question and cut down on food waste.

goals for 2018

Focusing on family

Jen, one half of the Magnolia Mamas, shared a goal we just adore. “We get so caught up in the chaos of every day routine – the homework, the extra curriculars, the errands, running from here to there — but this year I want to be more intentional about my one on one relationships. To carve out time to spend with each person where everything else is just put to the background.”

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Finishing what we started

Personally, I’m planning to — finally! — publish a short story collection I’ve been working on for over two years. I can’t wait to see this project come to life after planning and writing, editing, and fretting over it. 

goals for 2018

Getting healthier

Jenna plans on upping her family’s healthy habits. She’s reading A Beautiful Mess: Weekday, Weekend to help eat healthier. “Like most people, I would like to be more present when I’m with my kids. We are all also working on gratitude this year as well! I want my kids to be more physical active as well…less screen time!”

Reflecting on our relationships

Lisa strives for greater self-awareness. “I would like to have a greater appreciation of the impact of my actions on those around me. As well, I would to be able to step back to consider the bigger picture and remain flexible and not hold myself or others to an unrealistic standard.” 

What goals do you have for this year? 



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