Plus Size Bras Not Just For Plus Sized

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When I was 6 months pregnant and edging toward my 3rd bra size. At 6 mo I was popping out of my current bra size, and Victoria’s Secret wasn’t carrying bras that were actually supportive anymore.

While living this conundrum of what to do about my bras, I was in one of my pregnancy boards, and someone mentioned the same problem. The first person to respond said something that 8+ years later I’ll never forget. She said that she goes to Lane Bryant to buy her bras. She said that without being pregnant she was a size 10, but it was the only store that carried nice bras in bigger sizes that were comfortable, and wait for it, reasonably priced. The very next day my mom went with me to buy bras at Lane Bryant and all was good in the world.

Unfortunately for me, my bra size has stayed in the $75+/a bra in any store. I don’t have that kind of money. However when I look on Sonsi I can get a bra like this Python Print Sateen Demi Bra for $40. Not only that, but it’s convertible.


Plus Size Bras That Fit Everyone

I know you didn’t want a whole long story, but the truth is that although these bras are sold in a store that is specialty sized if you have larger sizes chest this may solve your problem.

None of the bras that I love are over $50.

The last thing I’ll tell you is describedin 2 words as Customer Service. Some of the bras I ordered through Sonsi weren’t the right size. I could take the bras back to the Lane Bryant store. I went there with my mom (do you see a pattern) to exchange them. The women there knew so much about the bras they were able to stear me in a direction I never would have gone. Biggest surprise: demi bra. I never liked demi bras until my visit to the store.

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  1. Definitely right. plus size bras are often directly associated to plus sized women but that doesn’t necessarily that. There are also women at average size who are gifted with the large breast too and they need such a bra that suits them and be fashionable at their best.

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  3. I am in Namibia would like to know where can we buy your bras cause its very difficult to plus size bras

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