7 Things Planner Geek Moms Love

5 Things planner geek moms love

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Confession: I’m a total planner geek. And, I’ve been one since long before being one was a thing. Before there were Etsy shops filled with crazy stickers and before washi tape was readily available at your local Target and when finding a good planner was hard to do because there were really only a handful to choose from.

But now, planner geeks are a dime a dozen… and, I say that in the best possible way. The availability of planners, and particularly planners that are designed for moms, are everywhere you turn. And, the accessories? I die with happiness every time I see a new add-on to make my calendar planning a little easier and a little more fun.

Diving into a new planner is one of the highlights of the new school year for me. While my kids are starting fresh at school, I get to start fresh with a new planner to get re-organized and on-track for the year to come. This year, I upgraded to an Erin Condren LifePlanner for the first time. For a mom who has a love for planners, but who also loves simplicity in her planning, this was a crazy huge step for me. And, being a couple months in to using it, I can truly say that it’s good…. very, very good.

Whether you’re already a total planner geek or on your way to becoming one, here are a few things I appreciate about these planners, especially as a mom.

5 Things planner geek moms love

7 Things Planner Geek Moms Love

1. The option to customize

I can’t tell you how many planners I find that I love the inside of… but cringe over the cover. Too girly, too floral, to cutesy, to serious, too inspirational. Considering my planner goes with me everywhere, and is also out on my kitchen counter top most of the day, I want something that truly fits my personal style and look. With the LifePlanner, there are so many options to choose from, you will literally have a hard time choosing a favorite! I went with the sleek and modern look of the LifePlanner in Marble with rose gold accents and it’s a perfect fit for me.

Look Inside the Erin Condren LifePlanner

2. Making the inside just what you need

It takes a while of being a planner geek mom to figure out which layout you prefer in a planner. Weekly? Monthly? By hour or with open days to add what you need to as you choose? I always select the weekly calendar option, mostly because I seem to only be able to think a week at a time! As you’re personalizing your LifePlanner, you can choose from a few different options — a weekly view in a vertical format, a weekly view in a horizontal format, or a weekly view in an hourly format (my favorite!). Additionally, you get to choose if you want a colorful color palette on the inside of your planner, or something a little more neutral, which was my choice.

3. Lasting power gets major points

There have been years when I’ve purchased a planner that I loved, only to have it fall apart just a few months into using it. I admit, I’m not easy on my planners. They get thrown in my purse, trucked around with my laptop, shuffled about on the front seat of my car and stacked on in my kitchen. It’s a rough life for a planner, honestly. I can already tell that my Erin Condren LifePlanner is going to get me all the way through 2017 without worry. The cover is laminated with a super-sturdy, durable seal and the pages are tucked far enough inside the cover to stay protected. Plus, the coils (in a gorgeous rose gold, mind you) are strong, a huge perk for moms who have planners they use every single day.

4. Paper that is on-point

When you upgrade to a planner like those from Erin Condren, you get what you pay for and the first thing you’ll notice, if you compare the LifePlanner to a less expensive version is that the paper in the planner is amazing. It’s thick and smooth and will easily withstand your daily scribbles with your favorite pen. I never have problems with seeing last week’s notes on this week’s pages, which is a huge pet peeve of mine. Go ahead, use that Sharpie. You know you want to.

Planners for Moms

5. Accessories make the planner

These days, if you’re considering a planner, you also have to consider the accessories it comes with. Erin Condren has every little thing you might need to go with your LifePlanner. From pencils to stickers to snap-in party planners to elastic bands to keep you organized (my personal favorite!), you can do all of your planner shopping in one spot when you place your order. One of the best things about their planner accessories is that they are so compatible with the LifePlanner — one I love, the StylizedSticky Notes, actually clip right in to the coils of your planner so you’ll always have them handy.

This post is not sponsored. Thanks to Erin Condren for providing us with products to consider and review. As always, all opinions are our own.




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  1. I LOVE my Erin C. planner. This is my 4th or 5th year ordering one and it seriously is such a life saver. I don’t know how I would keep up with all that I do without it! I tried to do the digital thing, but I’m a paper/pencil kind of girl and love seeing my week all out in front of me. I always tell my friends it is worth every penny!

  2. Wow! Obsessed with planning, so really thankful for this article!

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