The no sick days mom mantra

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VICKS DayQuil No Sick Days

Three out of the five people in my house are sick right this very moment.

My husband started sniffling a few days ago and is now struggling through his work days with a pesky cold. My 5-year-old fell asleep on the couch after school yesterday — every mom knows what that means! — and I just put my daughter to bed with a very strong hunch that she’s going to wake up with a sore throat in the morning.

But me? No way. I absolutely refuse to get sick this time of year… or, at least, I absolutely refuse to let it slow me down. Sick days just aren’t an option for moms, are they? There’s no snuggling up in bed to sleep it off and certainly no Netflix marathons while someone brings you chicken broth… Moms have a “no sick days” motto and they hold to it!

No Sick Days for Moms

Making sick days into no sick days

As soon as I feel a hint of a cold or the flu coming on, I head to my DayQuil Severe — I keep a pack in every bag I carry because I know it’s the only thing that brings me back to life when I’m sick. While my husband is the one who knows he’s sick as soon as he wakes up in the morning, it takes a little longer to hit me… typically when I’m already diving into my work day or in the middle of running errands. A twinge of a headache that won’t go away, a bit of a chill that a warm sweater won’t cure, that all around yucky feeling that is suddenly dragging me down. I love that I have something I can take when I’m on-the-move that will work to get me feeling normal again in no time. It’s an absolute must, as far as I’m concerned!

When sick days turn into sick nights

I admit that even though I try not to let getting sick hold me down during the day, by the time the evening hits, I’m usually pretty beat and that’s when I really start to feel my cold or flu settle in. Having NyQuil Severe in my wellness supplies at home is always the perfect solution — there’s something about a good night’s sleep that is so restorative when you’re sick! For moms, nighttime is the perfect time to heal ourselves and take an unofficial sick day where we won’t miss one little bit of life with your kids.

Stay healthy for wintertime fun

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