Shut up and drive: My week with the Kia Soul

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Traveling in style with the Kia Soul

This summer we have been on an epic family road trip around the South and our first stop was in Orlando, Florida. Well, we needed a cool car to get around, so when the fine people at STI Drive offered for me to take the Kia Soul for a ride, I was like – heck yeah!  My kids are 7 & 9 and we are way past mini van stage and I was never a mini van mom anyways, but having older kids that can functional like normal human beings makes your car options really open up. You can see how easy my kids get into the Kia Soul and buckle up in my video about these cool inflatable booster seats, if you need proof.

My week driving the Kia Soul looked a little like this…

Kid Spot

This little hidden gem in Kissimmee was great for our kids, a pint-sized park among the other giant ones in Orlando. Fun Spot has two locations, Orlando and Kissimmee but we hit up the one in Kissimmee location and it was pretty much empty, but only because it was blazin’ hot outside. We were able to jump on all the rides without any long lines. In fact my kids rode the roller coaster at least 15 times without ever waiting in line!


While I was having fun driving the Kia Soul, my kids got to take a turn behind the wheel of the the classic bumper cars. This is always a fun ride for the kids, it’s not scary and they are in control so the fun is all up to them!

The go karts at Fun Spot is definitely one of the most popular attractions. My daughter was in for a big surprise on this particular course, because it had a steep drop she was not expecting! She got off the ride full of smiles and her eyes were lit up with excitement. She definitely got a taste of what it’s like to be behind the wheel and drive a little dangerously!

Tilt-A-Whirl, a classic ride that I can’t really pass up, but I don’t remember getting so dizzy after this ride when I was younger! My daughter and I had so much fun giggling and trying not to lose our lunch.



Dick’s Last Resort

Next stop in the Kia Soul was Dick’s Last Resort, this place is a hoot! We went here for dinner with both Grandma’s and everyone had a blast. You walk into this joint and it’s loud, colorful and so much going on. Dicks’ Last Resort is know for it’s sassy waiters and waitresses. They are sarcastic and rude on purpose, but it’s all meant to be in good fun. My husband and I ordered the famous I drank most of it, so he drive the Kia Soul safely home.


Pirates Cove Mini Golf

Another favorite thing to do in Orlando is Mini Golf, because there was hardly any lines!  We went to Pirate’s Cove, because I love good pirate theme. I recommend going here closer to sunset when it’s not so hot, but we went in the early morning so it wasn’t too bad. Mini golf is another activity that my kids and the Grandmas both love, it’s truly fun for all ages!

Disney World

Of course we rode It’s a Small World at Disneyland, it’s by far my favorite ride.There is something magical about this ride and you see something different each and every time you ride it. Travel is a big passion for me so I love seeing the world in this innocent and whimsical way!

The colorful Kia Soul rocked my world

The Kia Soul rocked my world that week. It was a cool and classy way to get around Orlando and the sassy yellow we could spot a mile away in crowded parking lots, so that was an extra bonus.This is a super stylish car that is perfect for urban families and families that have older kids when you no longer have to bring along the stroller.

This is also a great car for parents to have date nights with, because at some point you don’t want to valet the car that screams “I’m a parent” with juice boxes falling out when you open the car door. I’d also suggest this car for teen drivers, it’s a safe and sweet ride, all of their friends would be super jealous.

Read our review of the Kia Sorento SX – now that has room for strollers, coolers, tents and more!

My video of the Kia Soul is coming soon! I’ll walk you though the car and share more of my sassy thoughts with you!




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