My biggest health challenge, exposed!

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My biggest challenge is stopping to eat when my day is really hectic and I am trying to accomplish a huge to do list! I usually have a big ol’ cup of coffee and then my mind starts buzzing with all the things to get done, and so I dive right into work.

I get so wrapped up in work that I tend to go for long periods of not eating!   I just ignore the hunger pains, and work right through them.  Trust me, I know this is not healthy.  I use to be very good about eating somethng small every two hours and re-fueling my body, but my food intake has fallen way down on my list of priorities.   Food is the source of energy and concentration so I am certain I would get a lot more quality work done if I stopped to eat!

Then when the hunger pains are just too much, I stop to eat, but sometimes I don’t  really stop.  I usually eat at my desk in between e-mails and other tasks.

Help! I have skipped meals for a blog post!  Anyone with me?

Stay tuned next month to read my Genius Tip on how I beat this challenge!

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