Make The Most Of Your Closet With These Items

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We all have that go-to outfit that is easy to sling on, and we can do what we have to do for the day without any fuss. Is it always something that is flattering and makes us feel great? No, but it is usually comfy and relaxing, perfect for running after the kids and errands. 

But on the days you don’t need to be running around, you want to enjoy your closet a bit more. Here are some additions that can help you maximize what you wear. 

The concept of style and fashion co-exist but are ultimately different. Fashion is what is on the racks, while style is what you do with it – and how you do it. 

So here are a couple of things everyone should have to make the most of their wardrobe. 

Midi dresses

There is something so effortless and yet elegant about a midi dress. There are arguably one of the most versatile dresses that can go from day to evening and into the night if they need to. They’re perfect for lots of activities, from coffee shop dates, school runs, and groceries, to evening meals and capsule nights out. Shirt dresses offer an easy thing to wear and work with boots, trainers, sandals, or heels. 

Meadow dress

The milkmaid or meadow dress era is firmly upon us. These dresses are not designed for the male gaze; instead, they are designed for comfort. The meadow dress typically has a stretchy band across the cleavage and the upper arms and a free-flowing dress that often comes down to the floor. 


Adding a blazer is the fastest way to make a casual outfit a little more dressed up. It’s quick and effective and works in any season. Blazers can work over dresses, jumpsuits, and more recently, have been worn over athleisure wear. Pairing some jogging bottoms and a blazer has become a trend. 

Relaxed denim 

Skinny jeans have been around for years and are showing no signs of taking their foot off the gas. But creeping in slowly again has been more relaxed-fit jeans. Jeans with a relaxed fit, high waist, and straight legs go with everything and anything. Sling on sling-backs for a dressed-up look, or pair with New Balance for an ultra-casual look. 

High-quality leggings

Some leggings should only be worn in the house. They are thin and often show underwear. Although not bad when working with a t-shirt or jumper, that is a little longer. Instead, switch out cheaper pairs of leggings for a higher-quality thicker material. Performance leggings tend to be on the thicker side, moisture wicking and super stretchy. 


Sweatpants have become a staple because they aren’t just for teenage boys to hang with their friends anymore. They come in tailored options and a multitude of fabrics, and the athleisure trend of the last few years has changed how we view them. 

Straight-cut sweatpants are ultra laidback, but a big trend is sweatpants with elasticated ankles, with chunky sole trainers.

For the ultimate in comfort, terry material is a big trend. They’re ultra-soft, stretchy, and work nicely as a co-ord. 


Suppose you’re not sure that you are ready for a two-piece and sweater set, then don’t worry. There are co-ords in all styles and materials. You’ll find super comfy teddy bear soft shorts, a cardigan, and a t-shirt. Or ultra-slick blazers and trousers combos. 

Chunk soles

Platforms, boots, sandals, loafers, and trainers have big soles in them. The cool thing about the chunky soles is that you don’t need to have ones that are too tall or too chunky. There are plenty of options that have less attention-grabbing soles. Buffalo chunky soles are more on the obvious size but are a lot of fun; for something a little more chic and low-key, check out Veja Venturi. 

Evening dresses

Unless you have a packed social life, the chances are you aren’t going to parties and events all the time. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a small selection of party dresses that you love. 

A little black dress, something bright and something elegant, is all you really need – and if you’re lucky, you’ll find one dress that does it all. 


Gold chains on bags, gold chains wrapped around ankle boots, chunky links over clogs, and more. Gold isn’t something that everyone likes, but it adds a quick and effective bump of shine and interest. 

A gold chain and matching earrings make it super cute even with the most relaxed outfit. 

If you don’t have your ears pierced, then ear cuffs are stacked hoops or even more ornate ones that look like snakes, flowers, vines, or even star signs. 

Travel bag 

There is no single sidekick that is as valuable as the right travel bag. They are incredible for throwing everything into. Heading to the school fete? It’ll hold everything you need and has room for any winnings or purchases. 

Swinging by the grocery store, you can fit plenty in there. Need to jet off to take care of friends and family, a good travel bag is all you will need. There is room for a change or two of clothing; better yet, it fits into the hand luggage category. 

Pencil skirt 

You never know you want one until the moment you need one – so it is always worth having a black or another neutral one in the wardrobe just in case. Pencil skirts work well dressed up or dressed down because they are so simple – so you can go from the school run to the office to an evening date without any effort at all. 

Often we have the start of a stylish wardrobe packed with personality – but because leggings and a big jumper are easy, we can start to live in them. 

If you are still working out your look and need some help, here are a couple of tips to help you work out what you want to look like: How to Find Your Fashion Identity – Savvy Sassy Moms

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