Fitness apps for self-care

Give yourself some love with fitness apps

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As a women, wife and mom some times of the year demand more of us physically and mentally than others. We’re talking to you holiday season. We give, we travel, we shop, cook and then we give some more — putting ourselves on the back burner. Replenishment and self-care – you know the stuff that makes us whole – get tossed out the window in order to take care of everyone else. It’s not your fault, so many of us want to host the best holiday ever. But at what cost? Deprioritizing yourself impacts your ability to deal with stress, and it completely sets you back, fitness-wise.

fitness apps for self-care

via Les Mills

Fitness and mindfulness is a use it or lose it deal – you fall out of practice quickly. It takes just a week or two to begin losing strength, endurance and aerobic/anaerobic capacity. Paired with the abundance of holiday treats, it’s a recipe for one unhappy lady.

We’ve got your back. Stay on track even if you can’t get to the studio with these 5 awesome self-care apps. If for nothing else, 30 minutes of daily internal focus at home is the ticket to a happier, less stressful holiday season.

Fitness apps for self care

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Barre3 is the modern women’s ballet barre workout fused with familiar yoga and Pilates movements. We appreciate that Barre3 gives you a killer workout with holds that increase with intensity using your own body weight and exercises to raise your heart rate and lengthen your muscles. Don’t have a ballet barre handy (who does?) – a counter, chair or table will work great.

fitness apps for self-care

via Les Mills

Les Mills On Demand

Bring the exact workouts you do at the gym, home. Les Mills On Demand gives you access to top classes like Body Pump, Body Combat and Body Flow yoga. These classes will get your heart pumping and sweat dripping — and at the end you’ll feel amazing. We love that you can try app for free for 10 days — perfect for holiday travel and snowed in days.

fitness apps

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We love Sworkit because it’s totally home based and equipment-free. Just lace up your Nikes and pull on your Lululemon then dive into a workout customized for your fitness level, age and time commitment.

fitness apps

via Fitbit

Fitbit Coach

Take step tracking to the next level with the Fitbit Coach app,  which gives you access to quick sets, customized video workouts. Workouts evolve based on your progress and run/walk coaching you can do inside or out. Bonus! Use the app with a Fitbit or Apple Watch!

fitness apps

via Calm app


There’s no sense in internalizing the stress of the holidays. Take five every day to reset with a quick meditation sesh. Calm offers guided meditation and mindfulness exercises that reduce anxiety for clearer thinking – helping you de-stress and enjoy your family time.

What’s your favorite way to de-stress during the holidays?

Corinne Petras contributed this post as a guest writer. Corinne is a fitness enthusiast, beauty product addict and explorer. This mom of two is based in Seattle. Follower her on Instagram at @corinnepetras.

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