Would you buy the Hair Dryer Bonnet?

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Here at Savvy Sassy Moms we try to curate the best of the best and tell you about the latest and greatest — who has time to read about things that are anything but awesome?

My inbox is filled with products that sadly never make onto the pages of Savvy Sassy Moms. Many of them are fine products but we simply cannot feature everything and anything — we have a reputation to uphold. I share some of these fun items with my contributors in our private Facebook group to get their immediate reactions and savvy opinions and to see if maybe it is something we should cover or feature. Then I thought, why not share some of these fun things with our readers? Take it to the people. Let them help us decide what is awesome and what is not.

Or perhaps maybe something I think is silly, might be just what you happen to be looking for! Who am I to judge. So this is the first of many, “Awesome things found in Andrea’s inbox”.

Awesome things found in Andrea’s inbox…

Hair Dryer Bonnet

White Sands Launches New Hair Dryer Bonnet Attachment

Quickly turn any blow dryer into a salon hood dryer for at-home conditioning treatments and quick roller sets!

Do your arms become tired from holding up your dryer for heat services? With the Dryer Bonnet by White Sands Hair Care, it has never been easier to turn your average hair dryer into a salon hood dryer in mere seconds. This flexible, soft bonnet is not only easy to attach but provides even heat distribution to avoid hot spots and increase total comfort. The Dryer Bonnet is ideal for hot oil treatments, pin curls, roller sets, deep conditioning masks and any other hair service or product requiring heat. The bonnet also folds flat for easy storage and even travel.

$20 via whitesandsproducts.com

Pros of Using White Sands Dryer Bonnet
  • Arms will no longer get tired from holding up dryer for services

  • Easy to use and attaches to any dryer in seconds

  • Evenly distributes heat; no more hot spots or painfully overheating scalp

  • Replicate salon hood dryer results at home

  • Portable and foldable; easy for storage and travel

  • Ideal for any hair service needing heat — like masks, oil treatments, pin curls and roller sets

Disclosure:  This  product information was sent as is and was not altered in anyway.

What do you think of the hair drying bonnet?  Awesome or Not Awesome?


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  1. I just…I mean.

    Sigh. It’s better than overalls or mom jeans. And for $20 it would make a great gag gift!

  2. Bahahhaa oh my gosh, this is just too much. Love this new series though! The things people come up with sometimes…

  3. Actually, this would be FABULOUS for me. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis in my hands and it can be extremely difficult to maneuver the hairbrushes, etc., so this would be very helpful. I’m sure there are other people who could really use the ease on their hands as well.

  4. This is nothing new… my mom used to use this on my naturally curly hair as a kid… And I STILL use one like this… I actually saw this exact one on another website and ordered it because of the drawstring. It’ll help the bonnet fit better. The older ones used to come with an elastic band just like a shower cap but I haven’t seen one like that in years so I’m hoping the drawstring will work in the same way as the older one I had. You can use it in so many ways. On days I want to go natural I just use it in place of letting my hair air dry, and on days I want a straighter look I use rollers… IT WORKS BETTER THAN BLOW DRYING! Plus my arms don’t get tired…

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