Online parental controls

Familoop Safeguard helps promote digital safety for kids

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Online safety for kids

Why parents worry about how to keep kids safe online

My kids’ online activity used to be easy to monitor. I kept kid-friendly apps ready for them to use, or we’d go to certain websites where they were happy to play games without me having to worry about what they’d see or click next.

As they get older — and much more digital savvy than I could have ever imagined — they’re looking for songs and videos from their favorite artists, checking out tutorials for American Girl doll hairstyles or finding new ways to put together their favorite LEGO sets. I know, eventually, they’re going to be using social media — a world where negative experiences lurk around every click.

Online parental controls

How Familoop Safeguard can help parents navigate online safety

Familoop Safeguard offers parents a combination of monitoring and tracking for kids of any ages, with controls that work for your family’s unique rules — and it can all happen in real time. Protecting my kids through the cloud-based program makes me feel like I have a little more insight into what they’re using, and when they’re using it.

Instead of setting up separate Android, Mac or Windows parental controls, cloud-based Familoop Safeguard automatically sets up protection rules chosen by parents at every kid’s device. With Familoop Safeguard parents get age-based protection rules – a set of customizable templates of protection rules for kids of a different age. Familoop’ smart Internet parental controls block inappropriate websites, searches, pictures and videos and notifies parents about any suspicious activities in real-time.

Familoop Safeguard has its own Digital Parenting Expert, and we love her five tips for keeping kids safe online.

Familoop Safeguard
Familoop Safeguard grows with your kids

My kids are younger — early elementary aged — and I know I worry about limiting their screen time, in addition to being sure they’re accessing safe digital content. Monitoring, tracking and (let’s be honest) restricting their time helps me have a little piece of mind, especially when they’re using the computer on the weekend or while I’m making dinner.

Parents of older kids will appreciate Familoop Safeguard‘s social media monitoring. As a child registers new social network Familoop Safeguard starts safeguarding it right away. The tool analyzes what kids post and chat about across social networks and highlights red flag signals of cyberbullying, online predatoring, sexting and more.

Familoop Safeguard

Get connected with Familoop Safeguard — and a limited-time offer for Savvy moms

Familoop Safeguard is launching at the end of November 2015, but they’re offering (smart) parents the opportunity to opt-in early. You can watch a demo of the product now — we know you’ll love it. Get a 60% discount when Familoop is launched, which is an incredible deal on a product parents can use for their kids at any stage in their online lives. Find, follow and chat with Familoop online:

Do you use online parental controls for your kids? Why or why not?

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  1. I am excited to try it out and it looks like they can also keep track of when kids leave the house, I am not sure if it has GPS capabilities though. I think this is a game changer for parents and tracking our kid’s internet surfing safety. Thanks for sharing the early sign up link 🙂

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