Eco-Savvy Kids – Get your Groove On!

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2 Musical Tools to help kids
Brush their Teeth and Eat their Veggies!

Brushing your teeth just got Cool Yo!  I was given 2 Eco-Fly Toothbrushes at the Go Green Expo for my kids to test drive.    So why is this toothbrush so “Fly”?  The EcoFly toothbrush sings an educational Eco-Rap song for 60 seconds, letting the kids know they should keep brushing until the song stops.  Wait, brushing your teeth can be fun?  (both of my kids looked so confused)  Another feature my daughter was impressed with was the sanitary trunk holder, she said “Look it has a seat to sit on!”  The toothbrush and it’s packaging are both made with biodegradable and recycled materials and printed with soy ink.  My kids gave these toothbrushes a 10 on the”That’s so Cool Scale!”  “Get ’em Clean while keeping it Green!”

Need some help getting your kids to eat those veggies?

I’ve got just the girl, Jump With Jill  is the one and only Rockstar Nutritionist!  With songs like “Healthy is good for me”, “Water”, “The Bone Rap” and “Superpower Vegetables”.  Jill is the leading expert in creating and delivering interactive media about health to kids by getting them engaged, moving and learning   You can buy here CD for home or in the car but she also takes her show on the road, she is available for schools, conferences and events nationwide.  Jill has performed nearly 500 shows for almost 70,000 kids all over the United States.  Jump with Jill has found a way to connect music, exercise and healthy eating into Nutritional Entertainment, now that’s a Rockstar!

Both of these products have helped me explain healthy eating & brushing habits all while cutting a rug!    Now I have no excuse,  my kids should have Healthiest of Belly’s and the Brightest of Teeth!

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  2. I got my nephew two light up toothbrushes, they stay lit for one minute. he loves them! he doesn’t want to stop brushing.

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