Children’s Clothing: “The Baby Wears Prada!”

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I should start by telling you that I have a long, fun
history with Children’s Clothing…

Before I ever had kids I worked in a Children’s Clothing Boutique.  I hadn’t even burped a baby let alone changed a baby’s diaper, I was totally clueless!  I had NO idea the Children’s Fashion world had it’s own language…Layette , Onsies, Footies, Rompers, Burp Cloths, Crawlers, Side Snaps, Drop Seat, Swaddle etc.. and then there was the sizing, Preemie, NB, 0-3 months, 6-12 months, 12-18 months, 18-24 months, size 2.  But wait, isn’t a size 2 the same as 24 months?  Which is larger a 6X or a 6Y?

Then there are the fancy brands and designer labels; $50 for a baby outfit?  But wait, doesn’t it only last 3 months?  There is such a thing as “Kid Couture” and Cashmere Baby Blankets?  A $400 diaper bag? (my car payment was $400 at the time).  True Religon jeans for 4yr olds?

It was like “The Baby Wears Prada” and I just thought it would be fun to work in a kids store!

This is where it all began.  I was now a children’s clothing  expert and quite frankly a children’s clothing snob!  I could see a fake Petunia Pickle Bottom Bag from a mile away, I could tell who the hip moms were by the strollers they had.  I noticed newborn babies that were wearing Petite Bateau and gave the mom a secret seal of approval.  I was dreaming of the day I would have my very own Mini Me to dress up and carry around!  It was going to be dangerous.

I can usually tell what kid belongs with what mom on the playground
just buy what the kids are wearing.  Your child is a reflection of you and your style, it’s true.

I graduated from FIDM with a Merchandising Degree and wanted to become a stylist but retail merchandising is where I landed and I actually LOVED it!  Creating the store atmosphere, dislplays, windows and theme tables was so FUN for me and I would do it for free (I practically did).

Once I had kids, dressing them stylish was just second nature.  For me, it is truly more about the creativity than the popular brands or high end labels.   I never buy an “outfit” at one store, I buy the piece that I love and then it’s the hunt for the perfect thing to go with it that is exciting!   Children’s clothing is so much more whymsical and carefree, so it’s naturally more fun to shop for.

 A kid doesn’t care it their butt looks big or that their belly is a little pudgy!  I like my kids to look like kids, be comfortable and have a style that matches their personality.  So far they love everything I buy for them, but then again they are only 5 and 3, I could very well lose my job as their personal shopper and stylist in the middle of a tantrum sometime next week…

This post was inspired by JuiceBox Jungle when asked the question,
“How do you feel about fashion when it comes to your kids?”

1.  How much do you care about what your children wear?
2.  What are some of your favorite Stores , Brands or Websites?
3.  Who cares as long as it’s clean and doesn’t smell!

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  2. I dressed my daughters nicely when they were younger, but I must admit I was (and continue to be) dismayed by the “kiddie couture” trend, especially in these days of increasing economic misfortune and class segragation. I feel kids can look cute without spending a lot on clothes and accessories that are going to get yakked upon or outgrown in a matter of months.

    Now that my girls are older, they’re both not really into fashion (yet) and I’m okay with that. Still, they dress nicely and neatly without spending excessively on clothing or accessories. I’d rather we use the money for travel or other things that might endure longer than the latest fashion trend…
    .-= The Well-Versed Mom´s last blog ..My Recipe for Success =-.

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  4. Ooohh! Awesome post! I don’t think I’m a clothing snob because I can’t really afford to buy my daughter a Burberry trench coat (I want to but it’s SO impractical!). But I would say that I’m a kiddie style snob. I talk about kids fashion on my blog, full stop. Most of the time, I do feature snobbish brands but only because they are SO fashionable. I’m lucky my girl LOVES clothes (mostly girly stuff) and I live through my daughter vicariously in terms of being fashionable because she can get away with anything and everyone will just say “she’s SO cute!” I just make sure that the brand and the looks that I feature is still age appropriate and still let kids be kids!

    I’ll link up this post on my regular Stylish Links post!

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