Think you hate camping? Think again!

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So, you hate camping, huh? All those bugs, sleeping on the ground, and eating campfire hot dogs – it could be enough to make a modern girl cringe. If you are not into camping but are getting pressure from friends and family to get out into nature, you’ll appreciate these camping tips guaranteed to take it up a notch… even for the sassiest of all.

Camping hacks

Did you know you could make a refrigerator out of two pots and some sand? Or use foam floor tiles to soften your tent floor? These camping tips will make your summer camping time more fun, more efficient and super awesome (plus, you’ll totally impress the hubs).

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Tip #1: Consider Glamping

Glamping is glamorous camping. If you’re slowly working your way into the idea of camping, then luxurious camping could be the way to go. Destinations around the world offer nature-driven lodging options that include all the amenities you just can’t live without. Research Glamping options at

Tip #2: Choose your camping destination around the facilities

… the bathroom facilities, that is! Most definitely the least desirable thing about ‘roughing it’ is lack of a toilet, shower, sink and mirror. If getting natural in nature is not in your wheelhouse, chose a spot that will accommodate your needs. Typically, state and national parks offer such facilities. Find one near your desired destination at

Tip #3: Sleep like a queen

Or at least, almost like a queen. Making a comfortable sleeping spot is KEY. Here are my suggestions: soften your floor with foam floor tiles, pack a blow up mattress and use a high-quality sleeping bag.

If space is an issue, ditch the foam tiles and sleeping bag, alternatives are to gather leaves and pack a blow up sleeping pad.

Tip #4: Plan awesome meals

Needless to say, mealtime during camping is awesome time; back to our roots of huddling around the campfire and crafting good chow. Long gone, however, are the simple days of meat and potatoes. Gourmet meals ARE possible with a little preparation.

  • Gather a few key cooking supplies; water, matches, utensils, Dutch oven, heavy-duty foil.
  • Prior to departure, pre-package as many meals as possible. Marinate, and then freeze, your meats in freezer bags (doubles as ice packs!), pre-wrap vegetables in foil (simply toss near the campfire to cook), and add spices to a pillbox.
  • Don’t forget dessert! Sure, you could do s’mores, but why not try Cookie Jar Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting or Campfire Brownies in an Orange?
Tip #5: Keep the kids entertained while you relax by the fire

Camping and kids go together like PB&J, however, there are those rare occasions when they will say those two dreaded words….“I’m bored!” Here are a few camping activities you can have in your back pocket to keep the kids entertained: nature tic-tac-toe (sticks and rocks make for great playing pieces!), hide-n-seek, rock memory game (you’ll need a sharpie for this one), gather sticks for the campfire, sing campfire songs, and/or try to find different types of scat (this one is particularly fascinating to boys!)

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More great camping tips
  • Keep bugs away by adding Sage to the campfire
  • Don’t let your homey style go by the wayside- consider sprucing up your tent with battery-operated twinkly lights, create a flower arrangement, use table clothes and candles
  • Use one of your fun totes to transfer supplies
  • Pack an easy-to-use Fire Disc (by Coghlan’s) as a fire starter or emergency heat source
  • Coghlan’s also has an inexpensive Bear Bell, attachable to your backpack when hiking (these are genius for peace-of-mind for scared-y camping wimps like myself!)
  • Use a shoe organizer to give your entire supply of kitchen gear a home
  • Consider using a Clean Cube for trash collection
  • Use a French Press for morning coffee
  • Invest in a Kamp Kadi – awesome for keeping the add-ons organized
  • Create an extra, no-electricity-or-ice-needed cooler with two pots and sand (simply place a smaller one inside a larger one, surround with sand and fill with water)

There are a gazillion ways to make camping more enjoyable for even the most naturephobic amongst us. The point is to think outside-the-box and to take advantage of some of the many awesome camping hacks out there. I’ll bet that if given a chance – with a little preparation – you may actually learn to love all the fun that family camping has to offer.

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