Cabo San Lucas, Mexico – A perfect Mom-Cation!

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Did somebody say four-day getaway to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico?   This particular Mom-Cation was sent out in a Twitter Moms Rambo Alert and one that definitely caught my eye.

It wasn’t a matter of how, when or why?  It was how fast can I pack and I think I need a new swimsuit!   Then it dawned on me, this is what I have always wanted and this is exactly what I love to do – I love to travel, critique, review, observe, test, experience, learn, have fun and then share!   How did I get here?  (that’s a whole ‘nother blog post)

I was joined by Heather from, Laurie from guessingallthe, Mindy from and Colleen  Our mission:  have some fun, review the property, learn about The Villa Group and their vacation ownership opportunities, experience all the activities and see what Cabo had to offer.  This was not just fun and games people, we had a job to do.  So let’s get serious.

My Experience staying at the Villa Del Pal Mar :

We were greeted right away, the lobby was busy but the check in process didn’t take long, we were given a map and shown the layout of the property.  The bell hop who showed us to our rooms was very friendly and extremely helpful and gave us a very complete tour of our rooms.  The grounds were very clean and workers either smiled or said hello.  Savvy Sassy Score = 8

My room was impeccable and the view was amazing!  I stayed in a one bedroom suite with two bathrooms, full kitchen and laundry.  Some of the finishes and fixtures need to be updated a bit but it was a a fabulous room.   I connected to the Internet without any problem (very important).  Every time I returned to my room it had been swept, the garbage was changed and things were straightened.  The closet had hangers, the bathroom had L’Occtaine toiletries and the bedroom had a large dresser with a TV.  Fresh fruit, snacks and small treats were left for me throughout my entire stay. Savvy Sassy Score = 9

Let’s Eat
The food available if you are on the all inclusive plan was good but a few restaurants are not included in the all inclusive plan and be aware that the day of check-out your plan ends at 11am.  They also host theme nights for a buffet style dining that includes entertainment.  The breakfast selection was nice and although the Omelette line was long, it was worth the wait.  I do not recommend the buffalo wings but they make a mean BLT!  I was surprised and impressed that there was a smoothie bar  (my kids love smoothies)  The servers were very responsive, helpful and friendly and you really couldn’t sit much closer to the Ocean unless you were in it. Savvy Sassy Score = 8


The activities desk was very helpful setting up our para-sailing trip and providing information for some of the other activities such as snorkeling, jet ski rental, swimming with the dolphins and sunset cruises.   There is also a drop off child center, which was a bit small, but I was told they are usually out doing activities and games outside of this space.  I felt they could have shown this part of the property better and had more information regarding exactly what the kids activities are.  The new Game & Tech center is going to make a great addition to the property especially for kids ages 1o and up.  Its a bit of a “guy’s room” so I’m sure a lot of Dads will be hiding out in there as well.   A trolley is available to take you to the different buildings on the property and there is a courtesy shuttle service to take you into downtown Cabo for some shopping and nightlife.   Savvy Sassy Score = 8

Pamper Me

The spa was amazing!  The spa was amazing!  The spa was amazing!  I used the spa to it’s fullest, I think I was in there for 4 hours!   I used the steam room, the hot tub, the warm bath and I even took the cold plunge!   Then I was pampered to a Hot Stone Massage for 80 minutes, then a 60 minute facial.  It  was so beautiful and peaceful.  The Massage prices range from $92 – $120.  For anyone not having a service done but want to use the other spa areas you can pay $10 a day.  The gym was incredible as well and they offer yoga classes.  I knew I should have packed my workout clothes.  Oh well, there’s always next time.Savvy Sassy Score = 10

My favorite “extra” was the hospitality suite – a place to go while you are in between checking out and going to the airport.  I cannot express how helpful this is and I think every hotel should have this!  The suite has a lounge area with a TV, free Wi-Fi Internet access, a kitchenette, bathrooms and showers.  This could not make a Mom more happy, you can still enjoy your last day of vacation without having to pack up and get out!  No one wants to try to entertain children for 4 extra hours at the airport! Savvy Sassy Score = 10



When looking for a place to go with my family I can typically run down a list of amenities rather quickly and make a pretty swift decision.   I choose a destination based on value and what I am looking for as a unique family experince.  I definatly take note of the details and I do tend to start judging from the moment I arrive.   But never too harshly because if there is one thing I’ve learned, you’ll never be happy with unrealistic expectations.  Traveling is only as fun as you make it!

The Villa Del Palmar and Villa Estancia is great place for a Family Vacation and I would have loved to have had my family there too – well, not really! I needed a break and I think I actually earned this one!

Free Music and Great Offers from

The Villa Group

1.  What are some of the things you look for when making the Family Vacation Plans?

2.  Have you ever been really disappointed or pleasantly surprised?

3.  What makes a Fantastic Family Vacation?

Disclosure:  This was an all expense paid trip in exchange for my time, professional opinion as well as my “mom” opinion of the Villa Del Palmar.  Everything abot this trip was disclosed and my itinerary was given to me ahead of time.  I was not asked to rate them I just thought it might be helpful, my Savvy Sassy thoughts and feelings are my own.

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