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Breastfeeding fashion from Boob

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Many things change when you’re a mom. You carry a diaper bag instead of a handbag, you always stash extra diapers in the car and you dress more for comfort than style. Finding cute clothes that were nursing-friendly was always a challenge with my firstborn. I always ended up succumbing to the two layer option — you know, that hot, bulky nursing cami with a t-shirt on top?

Breastfeeding Fashion: What do you love to wear to nurse?

Breastfeeding fashion you’ll love

Luckily, after my second daughter was born earlier this year, I was introduced to an awesome brand of practical, yet ultra-fashionable clothing perfect for breastfeeding mamas. The innovative nursing designs from Boob make caring for my baby on-the-go incredibly easy. Not only are they a lot more comfortable than the double-layer nursing tanks I was used to from my first pregnancy, they don’t even look like nursing clothes!

Nursing Dresses You'll Love This Summer

The perfect breastfeeding dress

Dresses are a summer favorite of mine, but they’re not traditionally the easiest to nurse in. Pulling your dress up around your neck while you nurse your baby can be more than tricky when you’re in public and tugging down the neckline will easily ruin your beloved dresses. I’ve loved wearing Boob’s Simone Striped Nursing Dress (currently on sale for $55). I can comfortably nurse anytime, anywhere while still looking stylish.

Breastfeeding Fashion from Boob

While many things change when you’re a mama, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style. Now I just need to find a cute pair of shoes that allow me to keep up with my toddler!

What are your favorite breastfeeding-friendly pieces?

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  1. I love that dress on you! I’m actually sad that it’s a nursing dress because I want one! haha

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