Be Our Guest Restaurant at the Magic Kingdom is the perfect date night

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My husband took me on the most magical date night ever!  It took place in the most romantic of settings….Walt Disney World with Beauty and the Beast at the “Be Our Guest” restaurant. That’s right! The most magical place on Earth.

After a whole day at the Magic Kingdom with our 5 year old twin boys, we tucked them in, and left them in the very capable hands of my mother in law and teenage nephew. We hopped on the Disney Shuttle bus, our enchanted chariot and made our way back to the Magic Kingdom for a romantic dinner for two at the “Be Our Guest” restaurant at none other than the Beast’s castle. No matter who you are, at one point or another, you have never dreamed of living like a Disney Princess if only for a brief moment in time.

Be Our Guest

Beauty and the Beast has been my favourite Disney movie since the first release in the early 90’s and right from the moment we arrived at the castle, I was transported into the world of Belle and her Beast. We already had a reservation so the wait wasn’t long at all. Thanks to a helpful hint from a friend, we asked to be seated in the West Wing (Belle: “What’s in the West Wing”? Beast: “It’s FORBIDDEN”!!!). The very happy Disney employee showed us to our table, but not before handing me a candelabra (of course it was Lumiere!), and giving us a tour of the various rooms that we were free to roam about whenever we pleased.

Tip #1: Make a reservation ahead of time.

Beauty and the Beast

The Beast

We walked by the Beast’s study where he was standing taking pictures with those who wanted to stand in line for it and then through the magical ballroom complete with floor to ceiling windows so that you can watch the gently falling snow outside which really was Disney magic at work.

Tip #2: Try to get seats in the West Wing, it is smaller and more intimate for your special date night excursion.

Wilting Rose - Beauty and the Beast

A Date Night to Remember

We were seated next to the wilting rose and loved the added effect of sporadic thunder and lightning. Disney thought of every tiny detail, down to the red cloth napkin folded to look like a rose. The menu had wonderful options to choose from. We both ordered Steak Frites, complete with mayo to dip the fries. So very French! The dessert cart offered plenty of choices.

Tip #3: I recommend choosing a few desserts to sample like, “The Grey Stuff.” I’m not kidding. “Try the grey stuff, it’s delicious! Don’t believe me? Ask the dishes!”

The End of a Perfect Evening

Our last stop before leaving dinner was a meeting with the Beast. I was so excited and didn’t care in the least that I had to wait for 15 minutes. When we waiting all day for the kids to meet every character at Magic Kingdom, I deserved to wait in line for my dream to come true. After all, you are never to old to take a picture with a Disney character! It was worth the wait to have him kiss my hand. I think I blushed and then my husband exclaimed, “She’s all yours, Beast!”  We had our picture taken and as we walked away, I longingly glanced over my shoulder and waved goodbye (sigh…). What an experience.

Tip #4: Wait in line to meet the Beast. You won’t be disappointed!

A Night to Remember

Leaving reality behind and stepping inside the world of my favourite Disney movie made for a perfect date night. If you are headed to Disney, don’t miss “Be Our Guest.” Make sure to make a dinner reservation in advance to avoid disappointment!


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