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Baby Jogger Goes Streamlined and Light

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Baby Jogger is a major stroller brand that stays innovative and improves upon its products every year to stay at the top. Recently, I’ve noticed that their newer models and soon-to-be-released strollers have one thing in common: they are more streamlined and light. Showcased below are two that are already available, and one that is set to debut in Spring 2015.

Baby Jogger City Lite

Baby Jogger City Lite

Just like the City Mini, the City Lite has most all the same main features. It has different sized wheels: 10″ rear and 7″ front where the City Mini has 8″ wheels all around. The City Lite has a canopy with two peek-a-boo windows but is not infused with SPF 50, the way the City Mini is.

Weight-wise, there is not much difference. The City Lite weighs less than a pound lighter at 16 vs. 16.8 pounds. It has the same simple one-handed fold that Baby Jogger is famous for and the auto-lock keeps the frame in place. Storage – it’s got an under seat basket and large pocket on the back of the seat. Seat reclines to nearly flat, and the harness is nicely padded. It is car seat compatible when you get the adapters. This page shows you all the car seat brands and the adapter to get.

The City Lite costs $179 while the City Mini is at $249. The City Lite comes in black, tan or red.

Baby Jogger City Mini Zip

Baby Jogger City Mini Zip

The full-sized City Mini Zip is the most compact in the Baby Jogger line. It’s main feature is the 3D fold, much like Combi strollers. It folds in half, like your standard Baby Jogger, then it folds again lengthwise, making it eight times smaller than when it is opened fully. That’s really impressive! You can also buy a really impressive looking travel bag that can turn into a backpack. I know this will be popular with vacationing families.

Like the City Lite, the City Mini Zip weighs only 16 pounds and holds your child up to 55 pounds. It has the same storage options and seat recline with harness. But the canopy on the Zip is SPF 50 just like the regular City Mini.

The wheels, of course, are four, and they are 5.5 inches with all-wheel suspension. The basket is a bit smaller and more difficult to access because of the frame design to do the 3D fold. But it still has that big pocket on the back seat. The Zip has an adjustable leg rest and near flat recline for your child’s comfort, and you get to have a cup holder! This one is also car seat compatible, just go to the link I mention above to check which adapters and brands go with the Zip.

Colors for the Zip are black or red and it retails for $249.

Baby Jogger Vue Lite

Baby Jogger Vue Lite

When the Vue came out earlier this year, I was so impressed with the design. A reversing seat umbrella stroller! I never thought I’d see one of those. But the reviews have been fantastic – what more could be done with the Vue?

Streamline it and make it lighter, that’s what. For parents who need something more compact that is still sturdy enough and yet weighs 3 pounds lighter than the original Vue at only 14 pounds. The Vue Lite has less padding in the seat and different access to the storage basket, but other than that is the same stroller.

The regular Vue is $199, but the Vue Lite is going to be $179, and will be available by March 2015. Colors will be a light grey shadow, a citrusy bright yellow-green, aqua blue (shown) and cherry red.

Which new Baby Jogger are you most jazzed about? Leave your opinion in the comments!

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