Savvy Sassy Moms is an online style magazine for moms. We have a wonderful team of contributors that work very hard to make Savvy Sassy Moms the online destination for all things fashionable and fun for moms, babies, kids, and teens.

Our website aims to create well-crafted posts for busy moms to stay up-to-date on everything from parenting trends to fashion advice, tips on throwing a baby shower to finding the coolest toys, picking a great family hotel to making sense of technology. With medical moments and updated ‘momtent’, we’re sure we have something for every mom trying to juggle it all.

The Savvy Sassy legacy


With a strong foundation in childhood education and a driving passion for their work and families, Lisa and Jenna are both prepared and looking forward to the next phase of their lives as working moms. Using their experience as mothers and educators, they will do their best to share their knowledge, the love of learning, and a wealth of valuable personal experiences – the good, the bad, and the ugly – in dedication to the pursuit of happy, healthy families everywhere and creating a worldwide (and web) community of savvy, sassy moms.

Savvy Sassy Moms is a project very close to their hearts and these maternal mavens are so excited to begin the next chapter in Savvy Sassy Moms. So bear with us through the baby steps, the tumbling toddler years and the awkward in-betweens as we navigate our journey growing into the kind of community we know you’ll be proud to be a part of.

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  1. Hi Andrea,
    A HUGE congrats to you on the Oprah call… how exciting for you!!! I’m a Mom that makes products for travelling Moms (& all females), so thought I should share my info with you. We at The Brag Company make the BraBag, PantyPak and our adorable new BagTags and MiniClutch (coming soon) for the busy Mom who wants to save time packing, but most importantly SAVE her beautiful expensive bras from luggage crush! Check out our products and see what you think….. we would be happy to send you samples so you can ‘brag’ for yourself.
    Good luck on Oprah…. I’ll definitely be tuning in!
    All the best… Jane (a Mom of 2 daughters)

  2. Hi Andrea,
    I’m a mom to Gem, and the creator of Ficklets, the first interchangeable eyewear charm hugger, designed to adorn and make eyeglasses fun for kids. BTW, Gem’s the inspiration behind Ficklets.

    I invite you to visit to learn more. If Ficklets meets the SS of approval, please email me to collaborate for the upcoming holiday season.

    Thank you and congratulations on your once in a lifetime opportunity on the Oprah Show.

  3. Congratulations RE: Oprah, Andrea!

    I do career counseling with moms and would love to connect with you about our businesses, blogs, mommy life, etc.

    Kim Bartels

  4. Hello!

    Congrats on meeting Oprah, that is AWESOME! A few women on my website had told me to come check this site out and I LOVE it! Its so cute! I was wondering if you would like to exchange links with us?

    Let me know 🙂

  5. Hi Andrea

    I think your blog is fabulous. Even though we are based in the UK we are able to ship most things to the US, we have lots of fabulous furniture from Italy and Europe a favorite of ours being the Swarovski Furniture Range! Also our Birds Nest Cradle is perfect for the Easter arrivals lols!! Take a look at our site and if anything takes your fancy, let us know.

  6. Great job on the site & love both the name plus tagline. Look forward to speaking to you further about how we can collaborate.

  7. Hi again!

    This is Lisa Hall with Bella Tunno. I wanted to thank you again for the great write up you gave us a few weeks ago and wanted to talk to you about trying to set-up a giveaway on your site.

    I also wanted to see if you might be willing to help promote our “Race for 2000” Facebook contest. If we can get 2000 Facebook fans by June 30 we are going to hold a “Victory” sale where everyone can get 40% off their total purchase. This is our largest sale ever! We are currently at around 1800 fans, so we only have a couple hundred more to go!

    Please email back when you get a chance and hopefully we can get these promotions going on your site!

    Lisa Hall

  8. I have to say Andrea I also told you that you had a gift of writing. I love your humor and insights Mom

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