7 Tips for Family Winter Travel

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by Kaamna Bhojwani-Dhawan, Founder, Momaboard.com


For most of us winter travel involves some amount of snow, rain or suboptimal travel conditions. Here’s how to keep your family safe and healthy on the road this holiday season:1. Overestimate the chill:There is nothing worse than being unprepared for cold weather, especially when traveling with kids. If you think it’s going to be in the 50’s, pack to be prepared for the 40’s.2. Pack in layers: To ensure you don’t forget anything, pack clothes from the outside in, starting with an undershirt and layer yourself up to an outer jacket.  These ThermalSkins from Landsendare great for the kids!3. Respect the extremities: Make sure you have socks, gloves and hats to cover the places that lose heat the fastest. These Reusable heat pads from HotSnapzare a must!4. Stock your medicine kit: Nothing dampens holiday spirits like an illness but you can mitigate mild discomfort from sniffles and coughs with over the counter medications: a fever-reducer, a nasal spray, a decongestant and a thermometer, plus any prescription meds that are essential to carry.5. Pump up the gas: If traveling by car, ensure that your tires are checked and your tank is full.

6. Keep Warm: Pack extra blankets for everyone.

7. Get Covered:  Make sure your health insurance covers you on your journey or invest in travel insurance


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