7 Stylish laptop bags

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Don’t leave home without a stylish laptop bag

Work-at-home moms do some of their best work away from home. Whether you find your creative zen in a local coffee shop or the local library, with your kids playing and reading nearby, a protective laptop bag will help protect your computer — and all of the files stored there. Find a bag that works with your style, and you can carry your computer without worry.

More than a protective case

You can protect your tech at home with fabulous products — we found twelve we love — but that doesn’t always help when you need to get out of the house quickly. Laptop covers or sleeves are perfect for around the house, but a dedicated laptop bag really makes a difference if you plan on working outside the home, whether it’s for a full-time position or an afternoon in another location. Your everyday bag probably doesn’t have room for your sleeved laptop unless you juggle the contents — pull out the makeup bag and errant water bottles, add laptop and your favorite highlighters.

Why a fashionable laptop bag is worth the investment

You may have a shelf full of totes, but investing in a laptop bag is a smart move for your tech. Keeping your laptop protected is important, and laptop bags are designed to pad your computer from the jostles, bumps and bangs that occur when you’re standing in line or dropping your bag against the legs of your chair. Stylish laptop bags are available for any budget, and savvy moms know there’s something empowering about feeling proud of the way you look when you walk into the room. We’ve rounded up seven chic laptop bags in a variety of styles and price points.

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Slim Tote (Melissa Beth, $129)

LeSportsac Laptop Bag (Zappos, $56)

Vera Bradley Neoprene Laptop Case (Zappos, $54)

Jet Set Travel Tote – MICHAEL (Michael Kors, $300)

Customizable Laptop Bag (Etsy, QUALITYCovers, $38)

Lake Forest Laptop Case – McKlein USA (EBags, $117)

Gamma Ray Computer Commuter – Marc by Marc Jacobs (Nordstrom, $118)

Keep your laptop bag work-ready

If you leave the house for work more than a couple times a week, it makes sense to keep your laptop bag packed and ready to go. Think about what you really need when you’re going to work on your latest projects, and pack accordingly.

Keep these in your bag:

  • Slim notebook for ideas
  • Two or three of your favorite pens
  • Handful of your business cards
  • Chapstick
  • Hand sanitizer

Add to bag immediately before leaving the house:

  • Wallet
  • Small water bottle
  • Phone
  • Laptop
Do you work better in your office — home or corporate — or in a more public place?

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