6 Tips to Stay Safe around Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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There is no question that there is a lot of anxiety about Coronavirus, also know as  COVID-19. Cases of the virus are being confirmed daily all over the world including Canada and the US. In a time like this, it is important that you take extra measures to keep yourself safe to try and reduce your risk of contracting the virus. While we can’t protect ourselves from the virus 100%, these are 6 tips to stay safe around Coronavirus. Stay up to date on the Coronavirus through the World Health Organization.

6 tips to stay healthy around Coronavirus






Wash your hand frequently

When it come to tips for staying safe around Coronavirus, the first is obvious but essential. Wash your hands. While this is a practice that we always try to do regularly, it is essential to take it up a notch. You are going to want to wash your hands more often, as well as for a longer duration. The longer you scrub, the more germs you are killing. Wet you hands and then lather them with soap. Make sure that you are scrubbing both the palms and tops of your hands. Scrub in between your fingers, around and under your finger nails. Wash your hands for a minimum of 3o seconds to clean your hands well. The image below has been circulating and gives you a clean picture of home important the duration of washing is.

Wash your hands for 30 seconds

Keep your distance from people who are sick

In keeping yourself healthy, keep your distance from those who are sick. Postpone visits to friends who are feeling under the weather. Avoid shaking hands with people right now, especially those who are exhibiting signs of flu-like symptoms. People understand that now is not the time to be shaking hands and embracing. If you are caring for a loved one or are unable to keep your distance from someone who is not well, wash your hands frequently. Hand sanitizer is something to always have on hand. If you are not near water, hand sanitizer is a good option as well.

Avoid touching your face

You probably don’t realize how much you touch your face. Whether it’s to itch or rub or whatever else, you likely touch your face hundreds of times a day. Be mindful to not touch your face, mainly your eyes, nose and mouth. At the risk of sounding too repetitive, when you are eating, make sure to wash your hands before you do!

Stay home if you are ill

If you are not feeling well or exhibiting any signs of illness, stay home. Be cautious and don’t try to be a hero by showing up to work with symptoms of illness. If you are sneezing or coughing, make sure to do so directly into a kleenex and throw it away immediately. If you unable to get to a kleenex in time, sneeze and cough into the inside of your flexed elbow to limit the spread of germs. You can order blood test kits online if you’re worried about your health.

Stock up on your essentials

What you stock up on is up to you. With that said, stocking up on a essential is important. The best way to think about it is getting what you are unable to live with out if you get sick. Stock up on medications for you and your family, as well as other items that are used frequently. Items may include toilet paper, packaged snacks like cracker, baby essentials if you have children, like diapers and formula, and cleaning supplies like laundry detergent and disinfectants.

Don’t Panic

Times like this add additional stress to the stress we already carry. When it comes to tips to keep yourself safe around the Coronavirus,  it is important to take care of your mental health by trying not to panic. While the virus is spreading and will continue to do so, in most cases, people who contract the coronavirus do not become seriously ill. So, take a deep breath and don’t panic. Try and stay positive.

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