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5 Easy Halloween Costumes

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My husband likes to buy my children Halloween costumes from the store; it is somewhat of a tradition for him and the kids to go pick them out together. However, we usually have more than one Halloween event and my kids can be finicky. Honestly, I do not want them wearing their “nice” Halloween costume to every event anyway, like the local “trunk or treat” or school haunted house.

So, instead of buying more than one costly costume, I look to our closets and toy chests for things that can be worn as a costume as well.

Here are five examples of alternative ideas for costumes for our favorite candy-filled holiday:

Sports Player

My boys played soccer and are now in karate. I could easy send one of my kids as a soccer player or “ninja”. Do you have a pee wee football player or little league kid? Well then send them as Peyton Manning or Derek Jeter! It would also be cute to send your daughter as a famous quarterback. I think big shoulder pads and black under the girls’ eyes is cute and unexpected!

Halloween Costume


My daughter has a dress-up basket in her closet with several different princess dresses, tiaras and shoes. I would venture to guess than many people with little girls have a few hanging around as well. A few of ours have come from second-hand stores or garage sales or been passed down from friends. This is about the easiest one to put together around my house!

Halloween Costume


Do you have an old white sheet you can cut up into strips and some white or grey clothes to go underneath? Add a pair of white socks to cover theirs shoes and you are good to go!


White sheets come in very handy… Drape a twin-size sheet over your child’s head and cut around the bottom to make it the right length for their height. Next, cut a couple of holes for the eyes and another one for the nose and you are good to go! So easy!

Ghost Halloween Costume


Reuse previous dance costumes or borrow one from a friend. It is fun to do their hair up and put on make-up for this idea as well.  And, it also works for little tots too. See?

Halloween Costume


What easy costume could you come up with at your house?

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