2013 PLUSH Show Recap

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This past weekend, I had the opportunity to attend the fabulous 2013 PLUSH Show, which is a baby and toddler show featuring products and vendors geared towards eco-conscious trend-setting parents. And it wasn’t just fun and games for the parents in attendance. Disney was a Platinum sponsor this year, so there were tons of fun Disney activities for the kids all themed around Winnie the Pooh, including several storytimes, coloring stations, and the most adorable Winnie the Pooh Lego station (my daughter’s particular favorite.) Celebs at the event included hosts Lisa Rinna and Jason Kennedy (E! News), Garcelle Beauvais (“Franklin & Bash”) and Kathryn Morris (“Cold Case”), just to name a few.

There were too many vendors at the event to list all of them here. But I loved that it ranged from big name brands I was already familiar with like Britax and Ergo, to smaller family-owned businesses that I was thrilled to be able to discover like LadyBim and Kira. So here’s a quick roundup of some of my favorite products I saw at the show.

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Green Point Brands teethers – You might have seen these in your local Whole Foods or baby boutique, but Green Point Brands just released a new collection of adorable, organic, and natural teethers that can be frozen, knawed on, and played with . They’re all BPA, phtalate-free and super adorable. And I got a sneak peek at a new product they’re still tinkering with – and I can’t wait!

Bump Nest maternity pillow – Move over Snoogles and Boppys (seriously, neither of these helped me at all the last pregnancy,) there’s a new maternity pillow in town and it’s as stylish as it is comfortable. Bump Nest, a brand spankin’ new company has just released this most awesome pillow, which unlike the other popular ones on the market is filled with individual beads so that the pillow molds to your body (I always got neck cricks with my Snoogle). Not to mention the non-kiddie like cover options they have that I just loved! It’s currently so new, it’s only sold on Amazon or through their site.

I Am Mixed book – Actress Garcelle Beauvais is also an author! She wrote this amazing children’s book, “I Am Mixed” which is the story of two multi-ethnic children who learn to appreciate and enjoy the best of both worlds. I love this especially since my daughter is mixed race and there’s not very many books that address this.

MD Moms sunscreen towelettes – Hate smearing sunscreen all over your kids and attempting to blend it in before they wiggle away? Well stress no more, with these awesome sunscreen towelettes. You just wipe them on your child (or yourself) just as your would a wipe, and voila, sun protection galore! Definitely one of those “why didn’t I think of that” products.

Pearhead – We all know Pearhead for their adorable albums, frames, and belly molding kits, but this too-cute-for-words 12-month frame had me drooling with desire.

Glob natural paints – I’m always on the lookout for more natural alternatives for common children’s products, and this paint made entirely from fruits and vegetables did not disappoint. It was such a hit that my daughter couldn’t stop painting with it and literally had to be dragged away.

Diono Radian RXT – I’d heard about that this Diono convertible carseat was one that was good for cars with limited space, and I was even more impressed when I learned that you can use it from infancy to booster, making it the only car seat you would ever need! Once your child hits the appropriate weight/height limits, it converts to a booster seat – genius!  It’s so space saving that you can fit three side-by-side in the back row with no problems. It’s also the only car seat on the market with a steel frame, making it extra sturdy.

Bloom Angel clothes/accessories – This is another brand brand new start-up run out of SoCal that I was so excited to find. They make the most incredible vintage-looking clothes for baby and toddler girls, not to mention gorgeous satin boys and other hair accessories that I just couldn’t resist getting for Little Miss. I really hope this company makes it so I still have access to their delicious goodies!

Simple Wishes pumping bra – We all know the old Simple Wishes hands-free pumping bra – it’s a lifesaver, but not exactly the cutest thing around. Well they’ve heard all our pleas. and just come out with this functional yet stylish bra that can be worn under clothes, and still has the openings (hidden away of course) to hold the flanges in place while pumping. It’s ideal for working moms who have to pump at the office, but don’t want to drag along the giant velcro contraption. It also has extra extended hooks, so that it can double as a maternity bra beforehand! So handy! It’s so new it’s not yet on the market, but keep an eye out mamas!

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