Grandparents as Role Models

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The importance of relationships with grandparents in the lives of children cannot be denied, and their influence is significant. As such, the bond between a grandparent and grandchild is precious and unique. Time with grandparents can provide strength and guidance that comes from their wealth of experiences. Whether it is a Grandparent, a Great Aunt or Uncle or an elder family member, the unconditional warmth, love and affection a child receives will have long lasting effects. Grandparents are wonderful role-models for our children.

Shift in the family unit

Though numerous children are raised by their grandparents, the family unit has changed significantly over the past decades. It was very common for grandparents at a certain point in life, to move in with their adult children and grandkids. Currently, many children are no longer surrounded by extended family, including their grandparents. With this shift, children are spending less time with their grandparents than ever before.


Grandchildren adore their grandparents

The connection between grandparents and their grandchildren is truly remarkable. The smiles and bright eyes on each others’ faces is an indication that grandparents and kids can be best pals. From warm hugs, kisses, and special indulgences, grandparents are very important in a child’s life.

Grandparents add special value

We often see grandparents as wise. Because they have an abundance of real-life experiences, they are viewed as having this wealth of knowledge to share. Their life lessons can help set the stage for a child’s positive well-being. Grandparents can influence their values and behaviors. Children may also choose to listen to what a grandparent has to say over their own parents. A child may even feel more confident telling their grandparent about a problem they have rather than revealing it to you. Don’t be discouraged if this occurs. The valuable advice grandparents give becomes essential to a child’s development. Plus, they will likely involve you as part of the solution.

Fond memories

Precious time with a loved one creates some of our fondest childhood memories. Whether it is taking a walk to the park, going fishing or playing a board game, grandparents are always fun to be with. A grandparent will love you unconditionally and is eager to spend time together. The smile on your child’s face when they are spending time with a grandparent is priceless. Relationships with grandparents offer a collection of memories kids will cherish.


Staying connected fosters relationships with grandparents

Given the fact that children see their grandparents less and may not live as close, staying connected should be a priority. Did you know that more and more seniors navigate the digital world? Try using technology as a positive venue to help keep grandparents an integral part of a child’s life. Set up a specific time once a week (no more than 2 weeks) where your child can Facetime, Skype or send a video message to stay connected. Not fond of technology? What about a good old-fashioned letter? Everyone loves to receive something in the mail.

A grandparent plays a special role in the family. Mark in your calendars Sunday September 8, 2019 as it is Grandparents’ Day. For now, pick up the phone and give them a call.

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