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No matter your age, walking into a room of thousands of women can be very intimidating. However when we walked into Cabi Scoop, we felt at ease! When we were invited to come down to Nashville for Cabi Scoop, we were so excited to see their newest line of clothing on the runway and meet more members of the Cabi team. After our Cabi conversations dinner in June, we felt that we had a good understanding of the brand. We fell hard for their beautiful designs and comfortable clothing. This trip and the experience of being completely surrounded by a group of women who all love Cabi as much as we do, was nothing we could have prepared ourselves for.

Cabi Scoop

Focus on your why

At one point or another many women find themselves looking to make a change in their career. Whether you are looking for a job with more flexibility after having children, or you are looking for an opportunity to network after moving to a new city, Cabi has welcomed thousands of women to their team and helps them focus on their ‘why.”

Everyone’s why for what they do in life is different. We all have different wants and needs, but one thing we all have in common is the desire to belong. We all want to belong to a supportive community. People want a community where women can rely on each other, lift each other up and support one another. We all strive for that in our personal life, but can you imagine finding that in a job?

Ricardo Luggage

Gearing up

We packed for our trip in our Ricardo luggage, ready for a quick trip to Nashville. We packed our essentials and our favorite Cabi items, including accessories, and boarded the plane excited for what was ahead. After checking in at the absolutely incredible Gaylord Opryland Resort, we had a few hours to get ready for the show.

Cabi Scoop

The Cabi Scoop

We went back and forth many times trying to decide what we should wear! We headed down to the convention centre a bit early. Immediately, we were surrounded by thousands of women all wearing Cabi clothing. It was so much fun to see so many women, all wearing the same line of clothing, looking so different! It was an incredible natural showcase of how each woman can make the Cabi line their own by styling it in their own personal way.

Cabi Scoop Bloggers

For the love of Cabi

We were one, well two, of 10 other bloggers that were there to view the collection. It was so nice to see some of the bloggers from the Cabi Conversations such as Alison from Wardrobe Oxygen and Carly from Lip Gloss and Crayons. We love meeting new people and following them on their journey! The other bloggers at the event were Lisa from Stilletos and Diaper Bags, Morgan from My Gorgeous Chaos, Carol from My Smart Collection, Niki from Simply Niki, Lauren from Lauren Toews, Jamaria from Through Jam’s Eyes and Anna Lee from Park Avenue Blog

Fashion and Praise

We walked into the room to sit in the front row expecting the fashion show to begin immediately. However instead of starting with the fashion show, the event began by celebrating the incredible women that are part of Cabi. Top Leaders, Top Team Builders, Top Sellers, Top First Year Girls and the Cabi Girl received numerous awards. As each woman was honored, their eyes filled with tears, and so did ours.

The loud cheers and unwavering support in the room was undeniable. In a team of thousands of women, everyone knew everyone else’s name. Even if they didn’t, it didn’t matter because they all had an immediate connection: their love for Cabi. We loved being in the heart of it all. Each woman was so honored to be a part of the Cabi team as they all chose to be there. While we were only there for a day, the Cabi stylists were all there for 4 or 5 days to participate in workshops to grow their own businesses and learn how to better themselves as Cabi stylists.

The more we learn about the Cabi, the bigger fans we become. Being at this event and seeing how they empower women, how they give back to society and how they have created an incredible work life balance for so many women allowed us to truly experience what the brand has to offer. We are so honored that we were invited to be a part of the magic that Cabi is spreading and look forward to sharing our favorites from the Fall collection. Until then, take a look at the collection online and enjoy the pictures below!

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Is becoming a Cabi stylist right for you?

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