meet Parker - the first augmented reality teddy bear

Seedling hosts top secret launch for Parker

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Since the teddy bear’s creation in 1902, most of us have at least one memory that includes a cuddly stuffed bear. Fast forward to 2017, and teddy bear improvements are hitting the market — just like everything else. We love seeing seedling step in with their take on the classic teddy bear. Although not reinventing the wheel, seedling definitely provides a major upgrade adding augmented reality as a way to interact with it the nostalgic teddy bears.

seedling launch party LA

seedling’s Chief Product Partner and Parker Creator Rachel Rutherford

seedling offers the first augmented reality teddy bear

No more just hugging and squeezing. Augmented Reality — or A.R. — layers computer-generated images on a user’s view of the real world, thus providing a blended yet realistic view. Meet Parker, the first augmented reality teddy bear, ready to spread the gift of empathy and kindness.

Augmented Reality is here and appearing in toy classics like the beloved teddy bear. Parker is a seemingly ordinary teddy bear. That means no batteries, no wi-fi and no cameras. It’s a really cool interactive activity. You see this as you test out the stethoscope and thermometer, using its very own app.

meet Parker - the first augmented reality teddy bear

Welcome to the seedling launch for Parker

The beautiful Lombardi House in Hollywood, CA offered Parker’s new friends a warm welcome. During the evening, children and parents experienced being free under the beautiful, blue LA skies while checking out Parker and the app first hand.  

seedling introduces Parker

Meet Parker (available for $59.99 at seedling and apple)

seedling Parker launch in LAOur children’s toys will not be left behind.  It’s also becoming a popular part of daily life.  Seedling is known for innovative toys for kids, so them introducing the first augmented reality teddy bear for children shouldn’t come as a big surprise.

Parker launch in LA

Parker made an appearance, available on the spot for testing by the cutest, doctor attendees in LA. Parents got a good peek into exactly what their child will experience with Parker.


The seedling launch included a special movie screening

Children viewed the official commercial for Seedling’s all-new Parker and A Secret Life of Pets.

Grilled cheese food truck

Say cheese!  Kids and moms noshed on our favorite cheese — Grilled and Mac — from the popular Grilled Cheese Truck. Moms tasted a special treat made with Plumb Organic’s peach puree and champagne! Talk about tasty!

Peach puree cocktails

About seedling

Let’s shake things up, reimagine the ordinary,

and create the extraordinary.

Dare to question: What if dragons were real, today were tomorrow, and rules were meant to be broken?

Let’s make that world and play.

Would you be interested in an augmented reality teddy bear?

Thank you to Selena Hughes for attending the seedling launch party and sharing her thoughts by contributing this post as a guest writer.

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