Random Acts of Kindness Week for Kids

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We all know that Valentine’s day is almost upon us.  But, did you also know that Random Acts of Kindness Week starts on February 14th as well?  Until recently, I didn’t.  While I certainly knew about “random acts of kindness”, I didn’t know there was an official week or an organization!

 The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation inspires people to practice kindness and to pass it on to others”
 From February 14th-20th, you can participate in the
Extreme Kindness Challenge!

Kindness is a value that I would very much like to instill in my boys. There are so many great ideas for random acts of kindness that I can do, but I started thinking ways in which we could participate as a family–even though our kids are quite young. And, while I know the 10-month old can’t really participate, our almost 4 year old most certainly can.

While “being nice”, sharing our toys, etc. are skills we work on and talk about on a near daily basis, the Extreme Kindness Challenge has me inspired to come up ways that preschoolers can be involved with learning about more about kindness and practicing being kind to others in a way that makes a rather abstract concept more tangible for them.

So, here’s my list so far:

  • Make a special treat or card together and deliver it to the neighbors
  • Make a special treat together and bring it to their caregivers/teachers–this could be a preschool teacher, daycare provider/babysitter, sunday school teacher, gym daycare provider, etc.
  • Have them help you select some of their toys/clothes to donate to less fortunate children
  • Go to your favorite park and clean up trash before playing
  • Make a special gift/craft to give to their friends at their next play date.
  • Ask them, “What are your favorite things about _______?” (Daddy, Mommy, Grandma, Grandpa, your borther, sister, etc.) Write down their responses, make it into a card and have them give it to that person.
  • Make a special treat together and give it to your mail-carrier.

This is by no means an “all inclusive”  list and that’s where YOU come in!
What other Savvy ideas do you have that could help young kids participate in Random Acts of Kindness week?

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  1. Pay for someone’s coffee in the drive thru line! I love doing this. It’s a nice surprise for the car behind me. It has happened to me before and it is a mood lifter for sure.

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