Pretty in Pink Nails

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This spring it seems that everywhere you look there’s bold colors and more bold colors. Don’t worry though because neutral and pink nails are just as much a trend as all of the bold colors you are seeing.

Pink nail polish, especially in the baby and ballet shades are all a huge hit, and who doesn’t love a little femininity in their nail color.

You tell me who doesn’t Need a Vacation?Pretty in pink nail polish

I’m always a big fan of pinks that are just a touch pinker then my nails, and L’Oreal’s How Romantic fits the bill perfectly.pretty in pink nail polish

It’s true that Maybelline’s Timeless Pink is timeless.pretty in pink polish

OPI just released the New York City Ballet series, with beautiful pink polishes in every variation of pale pink you could think of.

Zoya’s Cho is a more yellow toned pink, but has just a hint of silver.pretty in pink polish

Revlon’s ColorStay Longwear nail enamel in Pale Cashmere, is the kind of pink that would look good on anyone.pretty in pink polish

I know that these light shades of pink are here to stay through the summer, so my only question is: which one should I try first?


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