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What is a Mom Boss? What is a Mom Boss you ask? We all have our own definition of what the phrase means to us, how it applies to what we do for work and how we balance life at home with our careers. Nicole Feliciano, owner of Momtrends, is sharing with the world what a Mom Boss is and how to become one in her new book, Mom Boss: Balancing Entrepreneurship, Kids and Success, and we’re devouring every word.

As soon as you become a mom, the juggling act begins. Along with everything you do on a day-to-day basis at work and at home, you now also have a child to care for. It’s incredible how your priorities change in an instant, even as a career-focused woman. Suddenly, the most important thing in your life becomes your child and you find yourself evaluating everything differently.

As moms, we are all Mom Bosses in one way or another… and we all know that it’s not easy. Working moms have every minute of the day accounted for and when one thing goes askew from your daily plan the rest of the day is thrown off. On those days when your boss calls an emergency meeting or your child spikes a fever in the middle of the week, we feel like we pull out our best mom boss skills to manage it all as best we can. We constantly find ourselves being pulled in so many directions, making us feel like we can’t be good at everything.

The hardest part of it all, is that our jobs end up defining the things we can and can’t do at home. The type of job you have determines whether or not you can drive your kids to and from school or if you can make their soccer games. When you can’t make them all, you feel insufficient, like you have chosen your job over your family. Can you have it all? Can you be great at your job and be the mom you want to be?

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If you don’t already know about Nicole Feliciano, let us fill you in on this Mom Boss. She is the founder of Momtrends, a successful brand that she created from her living room. When Nicole’s children were young, she knew she needed to make a change in her career. She wanted to be available for her children and needed a job that would allow her to create her own hours while still working on something that she was passionate about. And, Momtrends was born.

The first step of becoming a Mom Boss is having a great idea. Nicole wanted to see helpful, enjoyable to read content online, so she took a leap of faith and, with the support of her family, she started her own business. In her book, she shares the how to’s on becoming an entrepreneur as a mom. She shares her incredible insight and experience along with stories from other women who have succeeded in becoming Mom Bosses. Of course, there are other options to consider if you would like to do something else first. Becoming a family nurse practitioner is a fantastic option for a fulfilling career if you have experience in this industry.


Mom Boss will get you thinking about your next career move, about how to take that leap you have been dreaming of and how to allow yourself to be the person you want to be. Nicole is real, honest and relatable and we can’t recommend Mom Boss enough. If you live in a city where she will be on her book tour sponsored by Clorox, clear your schedules so you can meet her in person! During our recent trip to New York, we spent a couple of days with Nicole and the Momtrends team. We were thrilled to be a part of her book launch at Barnes and Noble where she interviewed a panel of Mom Bosses, including the owners of Zutano, ShopBuru and Kate Whyte, LSW.

Whether you have been thinking about making a career change, learning something new like or expanding on what you already know such as with an accelerated bsn, or perhaps you are a mom who just wants more flexibility (who doesn’t?), take some time for yourself and read Mom Boss. Whatever type of Mom Boss you are, you’ll appreciate the advice and insight from this mom who is leading the way for us all.

Make sure to follow Nicole on the Momtrends social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Disclaimer: Compensation was provided by Momtrends Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of Momtrends or the sponsors.

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