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Jenna and Lisa
Life as a SAVVY mom:


Our SAVVY mom, Jenna, is the mother to a 4-year-old boy, Jonah, and a 2-year-old girl, Addison. As a teacher and qualified Early Childhood Educator, she has been working with moms and their babies for over 10 years. When Jenna was pregnant with her first child, she experienced first-hand the culture-shock of entering the parenting world, and how much you need to know – fast! As a new mom, she found she had a million questions and needed them answered quickly. She created a space for mothers of all ages to meet, learn and actively engage with other moms. Sharing her knowledge on a larger scale has always been something that she has dreamed of doing and her blogging style focuses on new parents and those with young children.

Life as a SASSY mom:


Our SASSY mom, Lisa is a qualified educator with over 21 years of experience, which includes a Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Education Degree. Her specialty is on blogging with children in the classroom. She currently sits on the community bully intervention committee and places particular focus on relational aggression and how children can strategize and get along within social groups.

Lisa has three children. Hailey, her eldest, is 20 and in the midst of her first year at university working towards her BA with a major in English. Her younger daughter, Mia, is 18, and like her mom, is actively involved in community and student affairs at her high school. Her son, Ethan is the youngest at 15-years-old, and will be starting high school in the fall. All three of her children are learning to make their own sassy and savvy choices in life and understand the important role community and social responsibility and engagement play in their everyday lives.

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