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“Quiet Creativity”
Two of my favorite words and they go so well together!

Before we go back to school, I would like to acknowledge some toys that kept my kids creative and quiet this summer.  These were the go-to toys for “independent play”, a.k.a sibling seperation or mommy needs a time out.  I am actually thinking about ordering all these just to have on hand for birthday parties this year.

Bristle Block Stackadoos

Enter the magical world of  B You Toys  “Just B. Just you. B. you.” – I’m addicted to their inspiring website!   The color pallette is refreshing and the packaging is eco-conscience.  My daughter made so many cities, castles and houses out of these – my favorite city she built so far “China Town.”

Ages 2 and up,  $14.99, You want it?  Target has it

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Harumika “Style your Imagination”

I even love to play with this one!   Create your own fashion designs using a variety of fabrics and accessories.  Even the littlest fashionista can dream of being a fashion designer, boutique owner or stylist.  The Fashion doesn’t stop there – Harumika Fashion has an interactive website to create even more fashion designs.  You can set up your own boutique!  My daughter’s store is named “Savvy Girl” (naturally)

Ages 6- 14 (4 & 5 yr olds too), $10.99, You want it?   Toy R’ Us  has it!

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Imaginarium Marble RunMy son LOVES his “marble thingy”  he builds and contructs different runs and this independent play will last more than just 5 minutes!   It’s easy to assemble one big track or a few smaller tracks and our family is a bit cometitive so we like to have  marble races! 


Ages 3- 7, $19.99,  You want it?  ToyR’ Us has it!



Orbeez are a bit strange yet magical  – ity bity balls, and they will bounce everywhere if not contained properly.   In direct sunlight they will dehydrate and return to their original size but you can just add more water to grow them again.  They confuse me and they’re addicting to run your fingers through.  Either your gonna love ’em or hate ’em!

Ages 4 and up, $29.99,  
You Want it?  Amazon has it
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  When we got desperate we hit the  The Apple Store  – they have iPad’s to play on!

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  1. great collection of stuff. And love the idea of encouraging my kids to foster their own “quiet creativity”…aka mom can get some work done!

  2. Love the toys. Love the last one with Hudson and his ipad.

  3. I have little one that is a fashionista, I actually call her Ms. Fashionista. She is 4, I may have to get her the Style Your Imagination. It can go on the christmas list.

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